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You Should KNow

Our journey together is customized to meet you where you are in your business. By handcrafting all strategy and every single session, we ensure you realize maximum results.


While your results are uniquely your own, we can share some of the shifts and changes we have seen our clients at your level make.

Many of our clients have paid back their investment in a few short weeks!

Some of their results include:


Having a waitlist in their coaching business


Creating a 6-figure year after only making $12,000 the year prior


Taking an entire summer + winter off


Growing a community of raving fans


Quitting the 9-5 forever


90% close rate on sales calls


Having the freedom to take vacations and turn off their work email


Consistent income and hitting income goals


Leveraging business to group programs after consistently filling their 1:1


Developing partnerships and referral programs to feed their business

Lindsey and Nicole only teach the things that really work. “Grassroots” marketing has helped us grow our business 40%. This may not be the term they use but it reminds me of a day when we did not hide behind a computer and expect to make money. We ask for customer referrals, attend as many local events as possible and follow up. – Tina White, Entrepreneur 

VIP Intensive

Designed for the business owner who wants clarity around their programs, pricing, marketing, sales and client enrollment. You will leave knowing exactly what to focus on and in what order.

The VIP day (now our Hybrid Program) centers around the 4 W’s and includes access to our Savvy CEO School and 4 one to one private sessions.

Why – Your Purpose & Intention

Who – Ideal Client

Where – How to find your clients both on and offline and how to speak directly to them

What – Pricing & Packaging, Sale & Client Enrollment

Tying It All Together – 90 Day Action Plan

At the end of the day you will know who your ideal client is, where to find them, your pricing and packaging to support your income goals, sales and enrollment processes and a step-by-step marketing plan.

This is best for the business owner who needs a quick infusion of support, clarity and accountability.

90 Day Get It Done Mentorship

This program takes you from frazzled and unfocused, to being the strong CEO of your business by working through our proven 5-step system that has supported our clients in making 6-figures.

This program is perfect for the business owner who needs clarity around their brand messaging, programs & pricing, who wants to confidently and seamlessly enroll clients without feeling sales-y, and needs accountability and step by step guidance on how to market their business.

You’ll walk away focused, clear, confident, and making money, yeah!

The 90-Day Mentorship Program Centers Around You Becoming the CEO of Your Business & Life By:

  • Creating a Solid Business Foundation – so that your business can last a lifetime
  • Clarifying Your Purpose & Intention – this will keep you going when you’d rather shut (it) down
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client – you have to know them to serve them, create content & programs for them and market directly to them
  • Finding Ideal Clients Both On and Offline with focused marketing – use targeted marketing and partnerships for maximum results
  • Creating Pricing and Packaging – ensure you hit your financial goals and provide maximum results to your clients
  • Simple Systems – free up your time and allow you to scale so your business runs smoothly and you can begin to take yourself out of the business. (This is the only way to achieve a freedom based lifestyle.)
  • Visibility and Building a Community on Social Media – so that you can invite clients to work with you
  • Sales & Enrollment System – easy to implement and has helped many of our clients achieve a 90% close rate
  • Implementing (from the get go) the Strategies we develop together so that you see results fast
  • Developing the Mindset of a Successful Business Leader – you can take all the action in the world, but without the right mindset, it won’t work
  • Our Vault – Done for you templates & how to videos.  Checklists, worksheets, email examples, webinar examples, social media post examples so that you have the “how to” for every action step we support you in taking.

With 20+ years of experience in building and growing business, and having invested over $20,000 in our education and coaches, our methods are born from experience. We teach tried and true business principles, and proven methods.

From this experience, we have created our vault. You will have complete access, which will save you a ton of time and energy. Each time we give homework after our sessions, you will be fully supported by our done for you templates and how to videos.

We never leave you hanging on the implementation, we want to make it simple and easy for you, because action is where the magic happens! We’ve done the footwork so you don’t have to.

The 90 day program sets you up to shift your mindset and operate as the savvy CEO of a business that provides freedom, a fluid bank account, and finally supports the life you want to live.

My investment with the Co-Op Girls has already paid for itself in 3 weeks! Within a month I had steady clients coming in the door. I couldn’t keep up. Last year I made $12k in my business and in the first quarter of 2015 I made $13k. Megan Rand-Blacksmith, Ginger Newtrition

how we work

Our journey together is customized to meet you where you are in your business and we handcraft a strategy to ensure that you meet your financial goals. Are you ready to step into the CEO role you’ve dreamed of?

Nicole Lombardo and Lindsey Morando | Get it Done Gals

Common Questions

Can I afford it? It’s a big investment.

We totally get how investing in yourself can feel challenging, especially if you’ve already invested a decent amount of money in your business already.  And when you’re still waiting to see a return on the money you’ve already spent, it’s hard to see something and know it could make a massive difference if only the money issue wasn’t in the way.

But here’s the thing.


One on one coaching has the potential to be a real game-changer – if you could find, connect with and convert your audience into paying clients and have not one but two marketing experts in your corner for the rest of your entrepreneurial life, wouldn’t $5997 feel like a complete steal? A few clients in the door can pay for this program, we are going to show you the exact process to get dozens more.


Our 1 on 1 coaching program may sound like a big investment at $5997 but we are all about the numbers so let’s break it down. Is learning how to build and grow your business so you make money and attract clients worth $16 a day? This is how much the investment would cost if you spread your payment throughout the year.
If you calculated how long it would take to research and use trial and error and not get clients in the door, it would certainly cost more than than. This investment will help you  to cut straight through the extra fluff that you don’t need to be doing. Now it seems worth it.

Now might not be the right time.

There is never a right time. There is always going to be something (we all do this). Having the unique experience of having 2 successful coaches by your side with 20+ years of experience to show you the exact steps they took to grow their businesses to a steady 6-figures (while working less) is priceless. 

We had a colleague that shared that she decided not to invest in a coach early on in her business because the investment seemed too steep and the time wasn’t right.

Well a few years later she was kicking herself because that coach she decided not to hire had a few multi-million dollar businesses and wasn’t taking on one-on-one clients anymore. 

Seize the day, now is your time
That said, to receive the best possible results you do need to be serious and committed to stepping up and creating a business that supports the lifestyle you see for yourself and your family.

I keep adding more more more - content, services, social platforms - but it’s not working, I’m just worn out.

We’ve been there! We are going to support you in cutting down your services to what you are best in the world at and what your ideal client needs most. Working together makes simplifying your services a no brainer!  

I’m frustrated with all the courses I’ve taken and my business still hasn’t made the next leap. Why is this different?

We get it, you have invested in courses and you may be wondering, how will this be different? All of the courses you have taken have provided you with knowledge, which is great!

Now we are going to take all of that knowledge and shape it into an actionable plan. And most importantly, we will be by your side the entire way!

I don’t know my pricing or packaging, I’ve tried, maybe I’ll never hit that sweet spot.

You can’t give yourself your own haircut even if you are the best hairstylist in the world. We come in from an outside perspective and support you in hitting that sweet spot. Our 20 years combined experience brings 2 expert perspectives to support you in finding the perfect package that is irresistible to your ideal client.