Ready to create consistent posts, increase your engagement, grow your email list and get new clients? Our fill in the blank, copy and paste Facebook templates & calendar will help you get started in creating consistent posts geared towards your ideal client. It is all about consistency when posting. With these templates you will never have to wonder what to post again!

Examples Include:

  • Tips, Tools
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Invitations to work together
  • Email Opt-in Opportunities
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials
  • And More


  • 30 Post Examples
  • 30 Fill in the Blank Templates
  • 30 Day Calendar with Daily Prompts
  • Video Tutorial
  • BONUS: 30 Instagram examples & templates guide

For the first time, we are giving you access to the exact daily planner we use in our business. This planner will help you create your 90 day business vision and lay out the day-to-day tasks you need to complete to turn that vision into reality.

This planner is a day-by-day plan to grow your business so you know exactly what you need to do every day to move your vision forward & to bring in new clients (and more $$$).

No more wondering, “What do I need to be doing to bring in more money?” When you implement this calendar you will know down to the penny how much you are earning and where your money is coming from so you can spend more time on money-making activities and less time mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.


  • Meditation for Entrepreneurs
  • Goals Worksheet for 90 days
  • Daily To-Do List focusing on top priorities to move your biz forward
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Daily Income Tracker and Marketing Tracker
  • Weekly Marketing Prompts to keep yourself on track with your marketing goals
  • 90-Day Reflection
  • Daily Notes section so you don’t have to carry an extra journal or notepad around
  • Includes Daily Affirmation, Personal Me Time Section (Self Care is important for entrepreneurs!) and Daily Reflection area to hold yourself accountable

Click Here to see a Video on how to use the Planner.

Click Here to see a Sample of the Planner.

*You will receive a digital download for quarter 4 (October, November and December) of 2017 to print at home or print it at Staples like we do.

“If all the mainstream planners had a baby it would end up being the Savvy CEO Vision Planner.” – Heather Lindemenn

Grow Your Brand Presence Online & Learn the Latest In Social Media for Your Business.

  • Create content your community will love
  • How to show up on social media for the most impact
  • How to connect with your ideal clients
  • How to connect with your community via FB Live
  • How to use Instagram Stories in an authentic real way
  • Learn the latest trends for 2017

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If you are ready to grow your email list with targeted new leads with little to no ad spend… don’t get nervous steal ours!

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Our Rapid List Building Tool Kit will give you the exact steps, will show you exact software we use, our scripts, our emails and our exact funnel we used to grow our list to 10,000 in 8 months


  • Plug & Play Online Sales Funnel
  • Copy & Paste Sales Scripts
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Email Templates
  • Bonus: Facebook Ad Workshop

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Want a thriving business full of clients, hitting your income goals, email list growing, and systems in place so you can focus on your passion of helping others?

What you will walk away with: