Premium Guide: 30 Post Templates & Content Planner for Instagram and Facebook

Never wonder what to post to Instagram and/or Facebook again. We have done the ground work for you. This guide gives you content for 30 days so you can be consistent AND have text ready to go that will speak directly to your ideal clients. We provide a content planner for 30 days, examples for images and fill in the blank text prompts so you don’t have to worry about what to say in your post.

Examples Include:

* Tips, Tools, Quotes * Behind the Scenes * Invitations to work together * Email Opt-in Opportunities * Case Studies * Testimonials * And More


30 Day Calendar with Daily Prompts

30 Fill in the Blank Post Templates

30 Image Examples for Instagram & Facebook Video tutorial on how to use the guide

*This guide is included inside Savvy CEO School.

*Note: All Workshops, Trainings, Courses, Planners and Templates Are Final Sale. Refunds are not permitted.

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Premium Guide:

Grow an Authentic and Engaged Following on Instagram

* Easily create content your community will love and you love
* Learn how to show up on social media for the most impact
* Learn how to attract and connect with your ideal clients
* Learn how to connect with your community and get maximum exposure via video
* Learn how to use Instagram Stories in an easy & authentic real way
* Learn the latest trends for 2018


*Content Calendar for the month to fill in as your own
*5 Training Videos
*List of live video topics
*31 Example Posts so you can post from an inspired place vs a place of confusion and fear
*Social Media filter questions to help you stay on track with your goals
*Resources to make your brand stand out
*How to Re-purpose your content
*How to reach out to others to collaborate
*BONUS: Mindset Training: This training is for you if you have any blocks around posting on social media
*BONUS: 7 Instagram Audit Videos: Follow along as we audit our clients Instagram accounts

*We have several graduates from Savvy Marketing 101 that received notifications from Instagram saying that their engagement went up 80-95% after going through this course.

*Note: All Workshops, Trainings, Courses, Planners and Templates Are Final Sale. Refunds are not permitted.

Use the code HOLIDAYS at checkout for 50% off 

Premium Course:

Savvy CEO School to help you Build and Grow your Online Business

Want a thriving business FULL of clients, hitting your income goals, email list growing, marketing attracting clients/customers and systems in place so you can focus on your passion of helping others?

If you’re struggling to grow your business, make money, get clients or you’re completely overwhelmed with your daily to-dos, then at least one of your biz systems is missing.


Get our 5 systems set up the RIGHT WAY and watch your business soar!

What you will walk away with:

* Price your offerings
* Effortlessly attract and enroll new customers and ideal clients
* Learn how to easily enroll new clients into your programs without being sales-y
* Streamline your marketing so it is easy, simple and cost effective
* Set up rock solid systems to cut down your time on the business and instead work with more clients doing what you love
* Learn how to grow your business
* Get Clarity Clarity Clarity on everything from how much you charge to marketing to what you do on a daily basis in your business

“The payoff was immediate and the value is astronomical.” – Kevin Oberhausen, Kevin Oberhausen Life Coaching

This program is the exact step by step actions we use every single day in our business to generate consistent 6-figures. It is also exactly the program (from the scripts we will share to course material to the amount of time we spend with them in training) that we take our private clients through that pay a minimum of $4500.


* Simple training videos (we tried to keep them short and easy to consume)
* Workbooks, To-Do Lists and Guides
* 8 Recorded coaching calls
* Weekly emails to keep you on track

Enroll now in the Savvy CEO School and get the support you need along with a comprehensive system that will help you grow your business from the ground up, whether you’re in the first year of your business or if you’ve been working it for several years.

“I cut my work in half! Before Savvy CEO School I was working 16 hour days and now I work 4 hour day. Last year in 2015 between October and December we made $6,200 and this year October to  December 2016 during Savvy CEO School we made $25,000.Before Savvy CEO School we didn’t know what we were going to do. This program changed our life as we are now able to buy a house and a car. We even just got a dog. If I had done this program when I was just starting out, it would have saved me a lot of headache for sure. I definitely have a clear picture for 2017 and where I am going. I don’t have any grey area at all. I am so grateful! – Aimee Grissmeyer, Princess My Party

*Note: All Workshops, Trainings, Courses, Planners and Templates Are Final Sale. Refunds are not permitted.

Use the code HOLIDAYS at checkout for 50% of