Megan Rand Blacksmith, Ginger Newtrition

Increased Her Profits by Over 1000% Without Using Her Website

In 2014 Megan made $12,000 working part time on Ginger Newtrition.

After a few weeks of working with us she’d made $13,000, booked her 1:1 coaching until the Fall, and created a group program so she could help even more clients.

Over the next 3 months she got married, went on a honeymoon, took the summer off to spend time with her daughter and took a 3 month maternity leave starting in December when she gave birth to her 2nd daughter.

How’s that possible?

Megan came to us to get clarity on her programs and her marketing. First, we eliminated the marketing that wasn’t working and didn’t serve her or her community. Then we created a program and pricing perfect for her ideal client and that would bring her maximum results.

Once Megan got clarity on her programs and pricing, we worked on an enrollment system so that she could easily ask her community to apply for a free discovery call if they were looking for a solution. The applications came rolling in because she had taken the time to add value on social media and her email list.

After Megan successfully received application and had clients signing up for her program, we were able to take a look at her marketing and create a strategy to grow her audience and her email list.

We developed a strategy with Megan to get visible and offer value on Instagram by connecting with strategic partners. Instagram now brings in 90% of Megan’s clients and she currently has 11.6k followers (in under one year).

Listen to Megan’s Story Below


Success #1

Instagram brings in 90% of her clients


Success #2

Made $13k in 6 Weeks with a brand new program


Success #3

Increased revenue in 2015 by 1000%