Lauren Venosta, Total Body Nourishment

Consistently making 40 – 60% more than her monthly income goals by using community marketing to make connections and offer her services.

She is clear on her direction, her programs and easily enrolls clients not only into her coaching program but her personal chef services as well.

Her only worry now is how to leverage her business so she has time to handle it all the new clients.

Lauren recently bought a car and was proud that she could choose the car she wanted instead of something that just fit within her budget. She was able to include all the upgrade packages and not worry about a monthly payment.

Lauren utilizes community marketing, her referral sources, her email list and Instagram to connect with clients and offer her services.

First things first – Nicole and Lindsey are AMAZING. I wish I met them years ago because my business has been forever changed once I started working with them. Before I met Nicole and Lindsey I was struggling to make my business work. I had no idea how to market my services or myself. I felt so discouraged because I have an endless passion inside of me to help people change their lives with food, but I couldn’t find the right clients to work with.

After the first meeting with Nicole and Lindsey I felt clear on who my ideal client is, how to market to them, and I finally had the confidence I needed to run my business like a CEO.  

I spent the first 2 years of my business undervaluing my services and never earning the income I desired. The month after I finished my 3-month program, I had my highest income-earning month EVER.

I am finally reaching my income goals and see financial freedom on the horizon. The clarity I received from working with Nicole and Lindsey allows me to reach my ideal clients who need my help. I find so much joy in my work now and I look forward to the work I get to do everyday.

My business started from a personal journey and a passion to help people, but I had major confusion around marketing. Now I wake up with clarity and confidence just like a CEO should. I will be forever grateful for Nicole and Lindsey and I can’t thank them enough!”

Lauren Venosta

Founder , Total Body Nourishment


Success #1

New programs brought in new clients in the first few weeks


Success #2

Lauren came to us after a year of just a few clients trickling in and now she has to hire an assistant to handle everything


Success #3

Earning 40-60% more than her income goals every month