Chassie Bell, Design and Branding Specialist

Increased Her Bottom Line and Is Now Converting 90% of Her Discovery Calls Into Clients

Chassie came to us because she struggled for clarity on the next steps for her businesses. We worked together to get clear on her goals and vision. Once she had complete clarity, we were able to cut 50% of her workload.

Chassie chose to focus on her design business and let her healthy foodie blog stay put for the time being.  

By looking at her design business like a CEO, she has consistently hit her financial goals every single month and is booked 2 months out at all times.

As a natural networker and connector, Chassie enjoys having conversations about how she can help someone with the design of their website. We helped her leverage that natural ability to book more discovery sessions. Her Free Discovery Calls are now converting at 90%.

Stepping into the CEO of her business has helped Chassie consistently realize her income goals, know how many clients she needs to have each month, and how to directly market on Facebook and in person.



Success #1

Discovery calls convert at 90%


Success #2

Consistently makes 5-figures each month


Success #3

Has a 2 month waitlist at all times

Listen to Chassie’s story below

Chassie Facebook Testimonial