Angie Garner, Success Coach

Made $6000 Within 90 Days of Launching Her New Business by Leveraging the Right Connections

Angie excelled at providing great content on social media and connecting locally when she started working with us.

She had already created a 6-figure Advocare business, but had a burning desire to reach more women through coaching and support them in building their business.

What she didn’t have, was a clear direction on what her coaching business did and who it served. She thought she wanted to help fitness professionals start their own businesses or gyms. But, in our very first coaching session, Angie realized she wanted to be a success coach for those who are deciding on whether they want to be an entrepreneur.

Once Angie had clarity on her vision, her ideal client, and the program to offer them, she was able to enroll several clients and make $6000 within 90 days by leveraging her relationships both on and offline.

Angie utilizes Facebook ads, webinars, and in person networking events to fill her coaching program.

Listen to Angie’s Story Below


Success #1

Brand new program and business brought in 6 new clients in the first 6 weeks


Success #2

Made $6k in 6 Weeks through social media & community


Success #3

Traveling the world with her husband James for the next year