Tina White, Entrepreneuer

Increased her revenue in a brand new business by 40% in less than one year.

Tina came to us originally to help her in her online business. She was creating online programs to educate people on finances as she had a successful CPA business.

During our time together Tina and her husband decided to purchase a 50 year old Heating/Cooling business in their local area.

Within one year Tina increased the company revenue by 40% using community or ‘grassroots’ marketing. She applied all that she learned from us not only to her online business but to a brick and mortar business.

Tina connects at conferences and in her local community to bring in new clients and then focuses on excellent client care and referrals to grow her business.

Tina White FB testimonial

Success #1

New Business grew 40% using community marketing techniques


Success #2

Increased her profits with low tech marketing


Success #3

Turned a 50 year business around in less than 1 year