Client Results

I came across Get It Done Gals by accident. In looking for a web designer, I saw Lindsey and Nicole’s site in the web designer’s portfolio. I ended up putting web design on hold and ended up working with Lindsey for three months this past spring.

All I can say is that without Lindsey, I never would have launched my business, Second Wind Career Strategies.

I’d had the business plan written since 2011, but Get It Done Gals helped me operationalize and actually launch! Within days of launching, I had four new clients. Just this week, I signed on a client for 6 weeks from now. I’ve gotten numerous LinkedIn requests from potential new partners and have had a tremendous response, far exceeding my expectations.

I highly recommend Get It Done Gals for anyone seeking to launch their business. Thank you!!!!

-Jenn Holtz, Second Wind Career Strategist


Before working with the Get it Done Gals I was following every single shiny object that caught my eye.  

I had lots of great ideas but didn’t get anything accomplished because I was all over the map, listening to each new expert and joining any free webinar I could get my hands on.

The only thing I was focused on was my social media presence.  The gals helped me to realize I was hiding behind a pretty feed.  

With their encouragement I got out into my community, created some strong strategic partnerships and am now speaking on a regular basis.  

The result?  

I captured my ideal clients.  My coaching business is growing and on track to be just what I’d dreamed it to be.


– Crystal Thompson, Flourish Into You

Before working with the Get It Done Gals  I was feeling very overwhelmed by all of the information out there regarding building a business. I felt like I had an idea of what I needed to do but I just didn’t know how to do it all.  I was lacking confidence in my ability to be an entrepreneur and didn’t know if I would even be able to grow a successful business.

While working with Nicole and Lindsey one breakthrough I had was a simple thing but I wasn’t promoting myself enough to my community.  I wasn’t putting myself out there like I needed to be doing.  Nobody knew what I was offering and how it would benefit them and their health.  I needed to show myself more, talk more about my niche topic, and let people know who it could benefit and what their results would be.  Let everyone know what I was doing and that I could help.

In the three months I was able to land my first two larger paying clients, set up 10 discovery calls, and connect with people in my community that now know what I do and can help promote me.  My mindset is shifting to a place where I know that I can do this and am more confident than ever that I will achieve my goals.

-Sara Korzeniewski, RD


I was hesitant to pull the trigger and work with Get It Done Gals, because my previous experience with a coach did not work out well. It was also scary to invest so much, when we had just finished the holiday season and business was still slow. However, after speaking with Lindsey during our first conversation, she addressed these concerns, and I felt more confident about the investment because I would be working with two experts in complementary fields vs only one.

These ladies make a great team and they work well together by understanding each other’s’ strengths. They afforded me the extra time and attention when I needed it, while holding me accountable and following up on our action items.

They were honest about what I needed to change in my business and what steps to take in order to move forward.

The biggest accomplishment has been improving my social media strategy and making sure I’m present, involved and showing my expertise to my audience while adding value to their businesses. It’s become a much more natural process for me and something I now enjoy working on each day!

Another area they have helped me in has been my sales conversations. I now have a great “script” to use during my discovery conversations, but often find I only use this at the end of the call to be sure we’ve covered everything. Thanks to them and their training, I have added 2 new clients for Q2 after feeling 100% confident after leaving the initial conversations. One client called and then emailed me back within 20 minutes of our meeting to say “We very quickly and unanimously decided that you would definitely be the best fit for us in this project. You asked fantastic questions, had a very clear creative process, and we feel that you understand who we are and our needs within the scope of this project.”

It was a pleasure to work with Lindsey and Nicole during Q1 2017 and I look forward to working with them in the future to continue to help my business grow!

– Tracy Frank, CEO + Creative Director, Frank Haus Design

Tracy Frank Testimonial

I found the Get It Done Gals from 2 different referrals and I came from just being in a mess of wanting to transition into the world of nutrition and out of corporate which I had done for the past 10-12 years. That was already hard enough to go back to school and what do I know about starting your own business? Absolutely nothing! So when my friend Krissy and I met, she and I had talked about doing it together. We were both studying nutrition and going through the same program so we approached Lindsey and Nicole and asked about going through coaching together.

Really what we wanted out of it was to start and have 2 separate entities but once we signed on and realized we really needed help, in working with Lindsey and Nicole we really found clarity and decided to work together. It wouldn’t have been so easy but having a coach, I could see myself, I could see The Perfect Pair, which is what Krissy and I are together, and Lindsey and Nicole really helped to guide us through the whole process.

They were like a 4-way business coach guiding our individual business and then guiding us in our Perfect Pair business too. So not only did I figure out the name of my company, what I wanted my website to look like, the pricing and packing (which is something that is just something that is really overwhelming to me), and just valuing myself, I came into this thinking, “What do I have to offer; I don’t know enough.”

One of the biggest takeaways I had was re-adjusting my mindset and seeing that I AM a CEO, and how amazing that is and I need to have the confidence to be that person. And in working with them, I feel so lucky. I feel like I found a part of myself, I feel like I have a clear vision of what I want my business to look like and I know it’s always going to be a progress, and I feel they’re so easy to work with I can go to them in any point in time and ask what they think. I trust them and I couldn’t be happier with my experience.

-Allie Hobson, Bare Food Nutrition

Working with the Get It Done Gals was the best professional decision I’ve made thus far. I have grown more over the past 3 months than I have over the past 3 years. I’m finally booking clients and workshops because Lindsey and Nicole drew the one thing out of me that was holding me back… CONFIDENCE.

They gave me the confidence I needed by making me feel like a legitimate business. We established procedures, created literature, a pricing structure and so much more- they held my hand through the process and gave me succinct direction and advice each step of the way. I trusted them, not only because of their extensive knowledge and experience, but because they truly believed in me and wanted to see me succeed.

Lindsey and Nicole, our time together has changed my life.

Thanks to you, I’m doing what I absolutely love, which is helping people live healthier lives, and I’m getting paid to do it. I feel more ready than ever to enter this CEO world on my own and could not have done it without you!

-Krissy Van Ness,

Watch the full video here to listen to Allie and Krissy talk about their experience with the 3 month private mentorship.

Case Study for Rebecca Michi

In 9 years Rebecca spent $4000 on Facebook ads with little return. Rebecca’s sales bordered on $0.

After her ideal client work inside Savvy CEO School, she sold 10 units grew list to over 180 for $6/day with the 3 months we worked together.

Once units started to sell she surveyed her audience on Facebook page. She came up with a newly targeted title instead of a wishy washy title which positioned her as an expert.

Rebecca created a 10 day mini course for better naps that leads through a sales funnel to a membership site.

Watch as Rebecca describes all the details in this video interview.

– Rebecca Michi, Child Sleep Consultant

Before Savvy CEO School Tiffany Moore from had her life coaching certification but didn’t know how to apply the business strategies she had learned which left her in a lot of confusion.

During Savvy CEO School she became more clear, focused and zoom in on ideal clients that would work with her. Tiffany is now confident in enrolling clients and creating content directly for her ideal clients and can focus on her marketing with clarity.

She is now focused, has clarity and enrolling clients regularly. Watch the full video Here to listen as Tiffany and Nicole talk about her experience in Savvy CEO School.

Update to the video: Tiffany’s goal was to start enrolling clients in January 2017 and by January 6th she had 2 clients enrolled. Congrats Tiffany!

Lindsey and Nicole have been ever so helpful in getting me on track with my business goals, helping me streamline my client systems, and gave me accountability I needed to get things done! I loved working with both of them because of their unique perspectives on business and life. Lindsey helped me rethink how I am working within my industry to create good relationships, and Nicole had great advice on time blocking and organization.

The most energizing part of working with the Get it Done Gals was how they helped me rethink my client process – from how I find and speak with clients, to my proposal process and pricing, to budgeting and making sure I am paid for my time.

They helped me organize my proposals into a simple and easy communication with my clients. I now feel super confident going into a phone call or sending out pricing because I know exactly where I stand with my business model, and how much I will make each time I book with someone.

I also loved the accountability they provided each step of the way – giving me set projects to work on and helping me time block dates and times into my calendar so i could learn to be more self sufficient. Sometimes you need someone to tell you your ideas aren’t crazy and that you are on the right track – Nicole and Lindsey listened to my ideas and fears and provided sage advice that steered me in the right direction and built off of my ideas in a constructive way.

After working with the get it done gals I now have confidence in my business systems, am more excited to build strategic relationships in my industry, and am enjoying working with clients and making a profit! I’m so excited to forge into a new year of business using the strategies and wisdom that they have shared with me.

– Diamant Winter, Blue Ladder Botany

Diamant Testimonial

When I started the Savvy CEO program, I had no idea about having a business and all the things it took to have one. I was working on my life coach certification and only had an idea of wanting to start my own business.

However I learned so much from Nicole and Lindsey and now my idea is no longer just that.

I learned about how important it is to know your target market and their needs. I learned about marketing to my target market and keeping myself visible.

Nicole and Lindsey went above and beyond to make things simple for everyone in the program. I was in a program with several entrepreneurs who have been doing this a while but I was never made to feel like I didn’t belong because I had not started my business yet.

I am happy to report that after completing Savvy CEO, I have a website, a growing Facebook group, subscribers to my newsletter and I have started working with clients.

It’s amazing how much can happen in 90 days when you’re working with the right coaches. Thanks Nicole and Lindsey!


– Krystal DesChamps

I pride myself in being able to uncover the missing piece of the puzzle as it relates to health and wellness.  

The GIDG were the missing piece I needed help uncovering in my business.

Sitting down with these ladies gave me instant and actionable items that I was able to implement immediately within my business.  Medical school and continuing education helped prepare me to stand apart as a physician, it was Lindsey and Nicole that helped me stand apart as an entrepreneur and small business owner. 

– Carrie Graves, Wellness Tree

Carrie Testimonial

Prior to working with Nicole and Lindsay, I was struggling with every aspect of building my business!  My biggest struggle was finding new clients.  I didn’t know who my ideal client was, how to approach them, how to appeal to them, or how to convert a lead into a paying client.  I also struggled with how to use social media and how to design the content of my website to attract my ideal client, and I was very shy about using social media or giving away too much personal info about myself.

Defining my target client and his/her needs was such an important step for me.  Learning that I need to put myself out there and seem very real and approachable was also a huge realization.  I learned I had to be “real” and admit that I’ve made mistakes, had bad races and my own health issues I’m working through.

Prior to working with Nicole and Lindsay, I was afraid of giving away too much “free” content, but with their help, I realized that this is a key step to allowing people to get to know me and to see my credibility.

After doing one talk about triathlon training at a local running store, I received 3 inquiries from potential clients about one-on-one coaching… and within a week, they all signed up to work with me!

So many positive things have happened since I started working with Nicole and Lindsay!  My confidence has grown and I’m more comfortable posting more personal things that relate to me and my business on social media.  I’ve learned that doing a (free) workshop/talk to my target audience and referencing my lead magnet on my website is the best strategy for me to attract my ideal one-on-one clients.  

– Anne-Marie Alderson, Alderson Endurance and Wellness

Before working with Nicole and Lindsey I had hit a point in my 12 year business where I was trying to run every aspect of my business myself and successfully completing none of it. I was waking up everyday with an anxious panic because I was disorganized and had no structure. 

Nicole and Lindsey were able to really help me clearly identify who my ideal client was, lay out structured programs to better offer and support my existing and future clients, and how to really speak to those ideal clients through my marketing.

The best part is that I now have structure to my business so that I am not spinning in circles anymore and I know what I need to be focused on and how to accomplish those tasks.

Working with the girls and clearly identifying my ideal client also made me realize that I was ready to move my practice and expand so over these last few weeks I have secured a new studio in another part of town and expanded my business to bring in some things that I have been wanting to do for years but was just to unorganized to focus on.

Having accountability and some fresh eyes on my business after all these years of doing everything alone has been incredibly refreshing and worth every penny.

– Brandy Augustine, Studio Be Well

Before working with Nicole and Lindsey, I felt really unorganized in my business. There were so many people that I wanted to help and so many business ideas floating around but it was difficult to figure out how to prioritize my time.

During my time working with the Get It Done Gals, I was able to get really clear on my marketing strategy as well as which clients I enjoy working with the most. I also was able to identify how to add more value for my current clients so that they get better results from our time together.

All of these breakthroughs have translated into having more fun in my business and enjoying the challenges of business instead of feeling overwhelmed all the time.

After working with the Get It Done Gals, I have a more positive mindset about my business and feel confident with my marketing strategy. It was wonderful to have both Lindsey and Nicole’s input on various elements of my business because they both have different ideas and strategies to offer.

– Amy Krasner, Nourished Balance

Prior to working with Lindsey and Nicole, I was creating my own chaos and sinking in my own insecurities.  There was no order or structure to my business and not only was it stressing me out, it wasn’t working. As someone working alone and in a new city where I knew so few people, it became easy to talk myself out of my own worth.

I was intimidated, scared and I didn’t have the support I needed to make the important decisions that come with being an entrepreneur and laying the foundation of a business.

For me, they have made the impossible, possible!

There is finally a forward momentum in where I’m headed and what I’m doing. Without their push, listening ear and coaching, I would still be on the path to high-blood pressure, sleepless nights and stress.

They held me accountable in taking the steps needed to build structure in the way I work, how my business is run and to get the hell out of my own way. And best of all, it’s working… I will forever be thankful for the introduction to the Get It Done Gals! 

– Kimberly Gilroy, Sunkissed Paper

Kim Gilroy Testimonial

I began working with Lindsey and Nicole shortly after finishing my nutrition certification. At the time, I was very unclear about what kind of services I should offer, and felt like I was being pulled in all directions. I wasn’t sure what I should do, and saw the writing on the wall – if I didn’t focus, I would end up a jack of all trades but master of none, and trading dollars for hours.

Lindsey and Nicole really helped me clarify my services, and zero in on my ideal client. Together, we developed a signature program that integrated my unique skill set, and I immediately began to attract my ideal client.

Throughout their program, they kept me on track and accountable to get my work done. And it was so fun! I would highly recommend Lindsey and Nicole to anyone looking to follow their passion and take their business to the next level.

– Megan Chernesky, Restore Health and Nutrition

Before working with The Get it Done Gals, I was totally and completely overwhelmed. I had been self employed and working in my business for years, and I had zero strategy. None. I just was working, always feeling busy, and never seemed to be making the money I thought I was worth.

When we started working together it was profound. They made me look at my business in a new light. During my VIP day, I remember thinking to myself that it was helpful, but nothing earth shattering. It was a few months later in retrospect when I was consistently reflecting on that VIP day with clear, concise direction that it dawned on me. The VIP day changed everything.

They taught me about how to value myself and my services in my work and it dramatically shifted how I work with clients.

I now have a strategy. I now have a game plan not just for my week, but for my month, and for my year. I feel like by working with them I gained momentum in my work and in my life, and I am never looking back! Thank you girls! You are inspiring, motivating and were a privilege to work with! LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!

– Emily Potter, DIYCleanse

Emily testimonial

I’ve spent so much time spinning my wheels about how I can sell my unique set of skills, but I struggled to come up with a clear picture of what my business could look like. Now I feel like I have a clear goal. Having one big goal (having clients come in the door and the steps of how to do that) laid out is huge.

– Lauren Davis, Think Lauren

I was stuck and overwhelmed before. Now I have a better plan and I feel like I have a marketing executive team to consult with. I love having the two personalities and expert views and options of both Lindsey and Nicole!

They helped me implement big changes in our programming, marketing and sales process.

– Patty Durrell, Rock Solid Fitness

Patty testimonial

Before working with Lindsey and Nicole, I wasn’t clear on the structure of my program and tried to make adjustments to accommodate every client that came my way. It was complicated for me and hard to price, and was definitely confusing for my clients as well.

I became confident in what I offered in each of my programs and how to price each program appropriately. I became clear on who my ideal clients is and, just as importantly, who I would refer to practitioners that focus in other areas of expertise.

Lindsey and Nicole introduced me to other complementary practitioners and health coaches, which has become an excellent way for me to expand my client-base. Given the unique services I offer as an FDN practitioner, I’m able to provide additional support to their existing programs, or entirely guide clients through mine. Developing these collaborations has opened up new opportunities for growing my business and allows me to do the work that I love everyday!

– Kimball Wilson, KW Coaching

January 2014, Seattle, WA: Lindsey and I sat down at a favorite wine and coffee bar. After several hours (which really felt like several minutes) she helped us to define our client, our brand, our vision and so importantly, our marketing plan. In the end we had a 90 day plan that gave us a challenging, but very accomplishable, task list. Throughout the 90 days, Lindsey checked in and met with us to ensure that we were on track and offered a ton of encouragement and support. By March 3, 2014, Dandy & Fine Parties was successfully launched.

Through Lindsey’s dreams of coaching new business owners being put into action, our dreams of owning our party design company were able to come true.

Speaking for the Dandy & Fine team, we can not thank Lindsey enough for EVERYTHING she has provided for us. She truly has a gift in her abilities to sincerely listen to you and your babbling thoughts, then turn around and break it all down into a thoughtful, strategic plan that will set you up for success.

– Brynn Renne, Dandy & Fine Parties

The Marketing Co-op girls (Get It Done Gals) have helped to motivate me and to give me strength and direction in my business. Their experience and knowledge are an invaluable resource for anyone who has their own business and or is thinking about it starting one.

Their program not only gets the gears turning in your head, but most importantly gets your butt going to implement those ideas and strategies. The marketing Co-op girls (Get It Done Gals) have somehow found a way to organize erratic thoughts while drawing on and enhancing the smallest of ideas that you might have to turn you into an effective marketing marvel.

What is also so valuable about the Marketing Co-op girls (Get It Done Gals) is their support. They have the ability to listen and really hear your ideas, concerns and your visions for your business. They are down to earth, comforting, intelligent, talented, resourceful, experienced, creative, strong and driven women. Who wouldn’t want them on their side?


– Stephanie Leaf, Studio 848 Pilates and Body Integration

It’s exactly what we needed to get started… step by step guide of what to do & how to get it done.  We were wandering around rather aimlessly before we found you through Michelle. You guys make the ‘hard work’ much easier than any other programs/people/etc  out there & I’ve tried a bunch of them.


– Moon Wagener, Moon Bodies