Diary of a CEO

Why Isn’t My Website Bringing in Clients?

One of the questions we often get from our savvy women clients is, “Why isn’t my website bringing me clients?” We really like to use the analogy of the old fashioned business card. Everyone has one… You have so much fun putting it together… You think that just because... read more

Comparison Will Suck You Dry

Comparison is the thief of joy!! It sucks your energy dry… It takes you away from the task at hand… So how about this… Instead of looking at others and making that comparison, we should look up to them and thank them for paving the way.   It doesn’t make... read more

Why should I be on Social Media?

Today we want to address a topic that comes up in our business literally every single day… Social Media!! Now, when we say “social media,” we’re talking about marketing your business, connecting, and showing up in front of the world… eek! I know!  What we’re not... read more

How to Create Your Guarantees and Refunds

We get a lot of questions about refunds, guarantees and contracts so we wanted to take a moment and give you some helpful tips from an industry standard perspective, and then also advise you on what we use in our own business. First I want to discuss contracts… There... read more

New Online Business Must Have {Swipe Files}

Do you ever wish that you didn’t have to create things from scratch? Maybe you would like to see an example of something that someone else is using and then simply tailor it to your brand; it is always easier to have a jumping off point. That is why we freaking... read more

Find Balance in Your Business, with Krystal Brandt

Part of being an entrepreneur and running/owning your own business is sometimes you get so bogged down by the daily to-do’s and running your own company, that you forget to take care of yourself and fight for a life that’s meaningful and well balanced. I met Krystal... read more

Can I Start My Business With No Money?

One of the questions that we get asked most frequently is, “Can I start a business with no money?” and we’re here to tell you the answer is both yes and no. It is fairly easy to start a business with no money in today’s internet-savvy world; however,... read more

How To Make Money In Your Business, with Jesse Lipscomb

We are obsessed with offering really great content to you, our beloved followers and one thing we decided was a necessity to discuss (even if it’s not the sexiest topic), is your finances. When starting a business you must not only have your budget in mind, you must... read more

How to Turn Likes into Followers, with Desiree Rose

I think one of the questions we all have in regards to social media is how do we get people engaged and excited? Because, in our minds, social media and having a huge following is going to make us rich, right?! Something we tend to do is just throw a post out there... read more

Is Perfectionism Holding You Back?

Perfectionism… Have you ever been bitten by the perfection bug? I speak with many entrepreneurs-in-the-making every single week either online or in person, and without fail, each week I meet one person… and sometimes even several people… who tell me... read more

Why My First Business Failed

Hi! Lindsey here…. Many don’t know this but I had a business 7 years ago that flopped right on its face. And there were 2 BIG reasons why I failed: I set the business up like it was my hobby. I settled for whatever my “clients” wanted to pay; I... read more

How to Make Facebook Work for You

Do you ever go on your Facebook page and wonder why today Facebook has decided to only show your post to 5 people? We totally feel your pain, and bottom line is, Facebook has lowered the reach on organic posts. They aren’t hiding it or masking it, this is just... read more