Diary of a CEO

How To Navigate the Seasons in Your Business

In looking at your business it’s important to come to terms with the fact that there are going to be seasons in your business. That’s just a fact. It’s going to happen! What’s imperative to know, however, is that you can use these seasons and past experiences to... read more

Get It Done Gals Entrepreneurial Pledge

      I am the CEO of my life and business. Today is my day. I step into leadership and make bold decisions. I live in the now. I promise to remember why I took this step, and to never forget who I am helping. Today I get out of bed better than ever and... read more

30 Facebook Post Templates

Ready to create consistent posts, increase your engagement, grow your email list and get new clients? Our fill in the blank, copy and paste Facebook templates & calendar will help you get started in creating consistent posts geared towards your ideal client. It is all about consistency when posting. With these templates you will never have to wonder what to post again!

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Savvy CEO Vision Planner

For the first time, we are giving you access to the exact daily planner we use in our business. This planner will help you create your 90 day business vision and lay out the day-to-day task you need to complete to turn that vision into reality.

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How to Optimize Your Content for SEO, with Tara Harmon

We are SO EXCITED to bring you expertise knowledge on SEO. We can’t even tell you how many questions we get in regards to SEO and content creation – the purpose, expectation on return, and really HOW to make sure you’re set up for success. This lady here, Tara... read more

How To Build a Thriving Community, with Alisha Ochoa

We were so excited to interview this wonderful woman on our latest, “How Did She Do It” episode because she is such an amazing community builder. We, truthfully, found Alisha Ochoa via some Instagram stocking and, ironically, that is exactly how Alisha found her now... read more

How to Turn Your Email List Into Paying Customers

Whether you have 50-100, or 100-1,000, or 1,000-10,000 people on your email list, we are firm believers that you can take your list, grow it, and actually get paying customers out of it. So today we want to offer to you the 3 key ways that you can grow you email list... read more

How To Create a Freedom-Based Business

Is a freedom-based business REALLY a reality? “Freedom-based” is really a hot topic and a desire by a lot of people in the work space. We’re noticing more and more people are leaving their 9-5 to have freedom to travel, do what they want to do, and build their... read more

Why Isn’t My Website Bringing in Clients?

One of the questions we often get from our savvy women clients is, “Why isn’t my website bringing me clients?” We really like to use the analogy of the old fashioned business card. Everyone has one… You have so much fun putting it together… You think that just because... read more

Comparison Will Suck You Dry

Comparison is the thief of joy!! It sucks your energy dry… It takes you away from the task at hand… So how about this… Instead of looking at others and making that comparison, we should look up to them and thank them for paving the way.   It doesn’t make... read more

Why should I be on Social Media?

Today we want to address a topic that comes up in our business literally every single day… Social Media!! Now, when we say “social media,” we’re talking about marketing your business, connecting, and showing up in front of the world… eek! I know!  What we’re not... read more