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There is nothing we love more than witnessing a woman finally step into her own and move through her life as an empowered leader radiating with clarity and confidence.

We’ve found when a woman creates a business that makes her proud, that makes her family and friends proud, she grows up, embraces her power, and lives a life so grounded in passion and lit up with freedom that she often looks around at in giddy disbelief.

There is nothing more beautiful than that transformation.

We work with women who have been trying to do it all on their own.

They’ve self-educated, taken courses, and are done chasing the shiny object.

They are ready to be led by someone who has created simple and successful businesses, so they can have that for themselves.

Without a batting a finely mascaraed eye, we know for sure that transformation is possible for you too.

The recipe for a strong, successful, freedom-full business is:


If you want time and financial freedom (of course you do), you have to think like the CEO of your business – which means solid foundation, simple systems, and strategy.


We work with business owners who are prepared to focus on doing what it takes to build a solid foundation first and then leverage it through marketing to realize their financial goals.

You will learn how to build a business where, if the internet crashed tomorrow, you would still succeed.

Our methods are based on 20 year’s experience of building and leveraging successful businesses (which is how we know they work).

Listen lady, building solid business foundations probably isn’t a skill set you’ve developed. Creating systems that support you may not be your zone of genius.

It doesn’t have to be.

In fact 50% of people who try to create their own systems in their business – FAIL.

With us at your side, that won’t be you.

Working together means you stay in your zone of genius, fill in the holes, set up the systems, and, with a rock steady foundation, show you how to leverage your business using smart marketing and visibility so that you can realize the breakthrough that’s been out of reach for too long.

We will hold your hand.


We will set your foundation.


We will take the steps to build a business that simplifies your life and
affords you the freedom you want for the long haul.


YOU can stop guessing, Googling, and spinning in place.

Now is the time to whip out the red lipstick, step into your best pair of heels, and put on your big girl CEO Panties.

Nicole and Lindsey changed my business and my life. I started making steady income immediately after developing a clear strategy for bringing clients in the door. I’m making more money than I ever have and I finally feel like a successful CEO. – Chassie Bell, Branding and Web Designer.

meet the get it done gals

Nicole Lombardo
I’m known for loving strategy, systems, productivity, and laying out the exact steps business owners need to take to build their businesses and make money that supports their lifestyle.

Hey! I'm Lindsey

I am known for simplifying the heck out of everything, problem solving and coming up with fabulous creative grassroots marketing plans.

Together we are known for building simple and successful businesses with strategy, a get-it-done mentality and giving women the clarity and confidence they need to step into their CEO panties and craft the life and business of their dreams.

Years Marketing Experience

Successful Clients

Pairs of Heels

Celebratory Bottles of Champagne

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