How did I manifest living and working in Paris for the summer in 2017?

I have always been a manifestor but didn’t really realize that is what I was doing along.

I simply say I am going to do something, envision it, take action and then sit back and wait to see if the universe is going to open the doors.

For example…

In 2016 I kept saying to myself and others that my husband Anthony and I were going to spend time in France. I didn’t know what that was going to look like but hey it was going to be between 3 weeks and 3 months.

Then things started to happen.

My husband reminded me that his contract for work was up in May 2017 and he had to take a 3 month break.

My response, “Oh good, we can use that time to go to France.”

Then a few months later he said someone at his work heard I wanted to go to France and asked if Anthony wanted to work out of the Paris office while we were there?

Hmmm, things were REALLY starting to shake and move.

So I naturally started to take more action steps.

  • I started planning where to live in France.
  • I started listening to French music.
  • I started to watch French movies.
  • I started to practice some French words.
  • I started to plan house details here in San Diego like selling stuff we don’t need, getting a lock on the hall closet to put our personal items in and starting investigating VRBO, Airbnb and other websites to try to rent out the house while we were gone.

Things got serious when I posted that I wanted to manifest our apartment on social media and our realtor called and asked if he could help get a renter for the summer.

What? That one blew my mind. Of course, you can help me find a renter! (Thanks universe!)

The Paris apartment flowed into our lives in THE perfect location.

Our San Diego house was rented randomly from the exact day we left to the exact day the apartment in Paris ended.

Anthony’s job ended up being offering him a 3 month remote contract.

And by the way… back to the social media post that I put up announcing that I was manifesting an apartment in Paris… Right before we left France to come back to the USA we had to rent another apartment for our last few days and the apartment that flowed in looked very very similar to the photo I posted on social media.

The Apartment I used as Inspiration on Social Media

Paris Apartment

The Apartment we Rented in Paris

Our Paris Apartment

The point is this. It all worked out. It all came together.

I had the vision. I had the faith and I took the action steps needed to see if it would come together and it did.

So I covered the living and now for the business side of things for me.

Because Lindsey and I have systems and a clear easy game plan for our business we can be anywhere in the world and still see our clients and still promote our online course Savvy CEO School.

We built the GIDG business from the beginning to be able to work on it anywhere at anytime.

In fact, Lindsey and I did not start GIDG while living in the same country.

Lindsey was living here in San Diego and I was living in New Zealand (another big move that my husband and I manifested and I manifested the exact house we were living in.)

So from day #1 we built this business around our lifestyle.

If you are interested in manifesting in your life here are three steps you can take.

1. Get Clarity
2. Hold the Vision
3. Take Inspired Action

Then sit back, let it flow and trust in the universe.