For you to have a better understanding of where our business advice and confident coaching strategies come from, we thought it imperative to give you a little background on just who the Get It Done Gals are and what kind of experience we have under our belts.

A couple of months ago we put Nicole Lombardo, co-founder of GIDG and creator of Savvy CEO School, in the hot seat, and today we have Lindsey Morando, the other co-founder of GIDG, in the interview chair.

In a day and age where it seems every single day you have a “business coach” influx into the market place, we feel it important for you to know that this isn’t something we just picked up and ran with with little to no experience. Nope. Between Lindsey and Nicole, the Get It Done Gals have over 20 years of experience in not only building and growing businesses, but also finding them remarkable results and growing success.

Lindsey, specifically, is known for simplifying the heck out of everything, problem solving and coming up with fabulous creative grassroots marketing plans. She got her start in 2002 and has an extensive knowledge of grassroots marketing with firsthand experience in everything from email marketing, digital product development and launches, opt-ins, conversions, and everything and anything in between.

In her 15+ years of experience, she saw firsthand how people truly over complicated things and delayed their growth and success simply by not knowing where, how or when to move forward. In her gut and in her heart she truly believed this was a void she could fill with her distinction “get back to the basics” and just “simplify the heck out of everything” approach. In meeting Nicole, she quickly realized she didn’t stand alone in this way of thinking and their ideas could not only be tools for entrepreneurial success, but they are also the foundation they desired to build a business around; a savvy, smart, simple, and successful business!

“The trend I saw in the industry was that people were talking about a lot of ideas and, because of this digital marketing age, they weren’t able to complete their ideas. They were so overwhelmed and just getting lost because new things and new platforms were popping up every single day which caused inaction in their development of both their business and ideas.”


In a time where people are addicted to busy, people spin into overwhelm and have too much going on, so they shut down.

Can you relate?

So what does it mean to simplify things?

Simplicity works because, let’s say you’re focused on 5 things at once and you’re working on all 5 at a time – you’re going to spread yourself too thin and, ultimately, half-ass all 5 projects.

So what if you took those same 5 projects and worked on only 1 at a time until they’re all done? Not only would you actually see yourself accomplishing your tasks (and hopefully celebrating each individual success – maybe even with some rose’), but you will also see that they’re done in a much higher/better quality manner.

“The reality is that only 3% of the population has the genetic disposition to multi-task.”


So if you’re just getting started and you’re overwhelmed at where to start, or maybe you’ve been in business for a while and you’re not quite sure how to break through that glass ceiling that’s keeping you down – there’s a reason. And that reason is very likely that you’re overcomplicating things, trying to do everything – be everything, and you’re not focusing in on one or maybe two things, keeping it simple and truly getting things done.

That’s one way to move to the next level (or I guess I should say, not move to the next level. In being able to build and grow your business, sometimes it takes bringing on a business partner who balances you and allows you to focus on what you’re best in the world at, while they focus on what they’re best at, which is exactly what Lindsey and Nicole did.

We dove deep into this idea because we see so many people frustrated with the solo-preneur lifestyle and, quite honestly, shouldn’t be flying solo and could really benefit from having a partner to find success with.

Lindsey felt a few important aspects of what to look for in a business partner are-

  • Common core values; especially Integrity
  • Someone who balances your strengths and weaknesses and complements you very well
  • You must have faith and trust in yourselves and in one another and the business idea(s)
  • Have a contract in place so you know what to set up and what you will walk away with if things go south
  • Never go into business with family/friends; take the emotion out of the business and truly compartmentalize things
  • Ultimately, just trust your gut!

And if you are just starting out and having a hard time taking that first step, here are a few things to consider-

  1. Build a community before you go out there and launch something
  2. Give yourself a little credit, and some time for things to evolve and to truly find your voice
  3. Always ask for help. ALWAYS hire a coach!

“Every day that you’re not asking for help is another day you’re losing money.”


Lindsey went on to talk…

  • 3 tips for making a partnership work (especially if you’re not in the same area)
  • The training programs the GIDG’s are most excited for and proud of
  • How to find success in putting together a program
  • Recreating the wheel vs. focusing on what you know works and just enhancing it
  • How to start a business if funds are low or limited
  • Biggest challenges in starting a business and how to overcome those challenges
  • Showed some vulnerability, talked us through her biggest challenges and offered 3 tips on how she overcomes those challenges.

“If it scares you – show up and do it anyways!”


To watch the entire interview, you can check it out here-


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