We are so thrilled to introduce this genuine #BossBabe to you today. We’ve known Jenn for about 3 years now and she is our go-to gal for all things Instagram marketing. What started out as a hobby- a passion project to simply consume her spare time that had absolutely no direction or strategy, is now- 4 1/2 years later, a full fledged social media marketing business. In fact, she is even writing the “Instagram for Biz For Dummies,” book.

“Every single post should somehow be furthering your end state.”


So whatever your goal is, whether you’re trying to drive revenue, build your audience or brand awareness, if you’re trying to get someone to opt into something – whatever your end goal is, every single post should be supporting that.

“Never post just for the sake of posting- everything should have a purpose.”


Even if it’s indirectly. If you post to build brand awareness, it can still serve your ultimate goal of building revenue.

So within Instagram, what is the latest and greatest?

  • Nested conversation responses-
    • Commenting builds relationships: use the comments to build relationships, give them a compliment, ask a question, etc.
  • Instagram LIVE can now be saved, shared and live-on in your Instagram Stories (your choice to download to your phone to repurpose)
  • There are updates to Instagram stories every 2 weeks or so

And speaking of Instagram Stories, we were curious to know Jenn’s thoughts-

  • Insta Stories should be casual, raw, and instant, they showcase authenticity of brand, and always always always be transparent!

And what about Instagram Live?

  • First, you must be consistent to connect
  • Talk to self in mirror to get comfortable
  • Talk to a camera and record a trial run. May be painful to watch but…. it’s necessary! 🙂
  • Write an outline of points to share to keep you organized but also bring you back to your topic if you get off track

“Setting yourself up for success is the most important thing”


  • BTS – Brand vs Life posts really are based on your specific business
  • Pay attention to lighting, audio, and background
  • Answer a list of questions that people are asking (or questions they SHOULD be asking), give tutorials, and have fun!
  • Don’t be shy of tech issues
  • Don’t feel like you have to be perfect- life happens! Let it flow and just flow with it.

“Embrace the craziness that goes on around you and people will love you for it!”


We were curious about Jenn’s thoughts on perfection vs. simply getting it done. We asked her thoughts on consistent brand look and feel (perfect photos with one look and feel)- for instance we see bloggers and businesses with beautiful all white feeds…. What is more important? The perfect images or text or both?

Jenn’s top tips for posting on Instagram-

  • No standard of excellence
  • It needs to be as beautiful as you want it
  • Done is better than perfection
  • Let it evolve and get better
  • If your feed is new… ask your community to join you in the journey
  • Plan strategically and set aside time
  • Get out there and wing it
  • Take photos as you go and then use later
  • Using your photos is a great idea because you don’t have to worry about copyright and your photo is automatically your brand because YOU took it
  • Be true to you. Embrace it. Build authentic engagement

Being authentic is hard sometimes when you really stop and think about what to share. So we asked- how can our followers get more comfortable with writing the Text for the post-

  • Remember that the photo captures the follower’s attention and it’s the caption that creates the conversion- no one is going to buy based off your photo!
    • Take a beautiful photo
    • Your caption should be 1-3 short paragraphs with the story of the photo, information, tip, tutorial, tell a story, be funny, etc.
    • You must have a CTA- tag 2 friends, click on link, stop by the store, leave a comment below, have you tried this?, etc.
    • Format and use spacing
    • Use emoji’s
    • Write the way you talk and use personality

We could have talked to this girl for hours but then this would have been a novel instead of a blog. 🙂

Jenn wrapped up this interview by talking about-

  • How to properly format your caption on Instagram (Jenn’s tips and tricks to get the spacing right!)
  • How to best portray your personality and brand in an authentic way on Instagram
  • Why Jenn suggests to post LESS, and how to increase your engagement
  • Thoughts on follow/unfollow or using apps to grow your followers
  • Does Instagram make your posts less available if you use a third-party post scheduler or immediately share on FB?
  • How to work around the Instagram algorithm and how to get in front of more people
  • How to boost your Facebook post by using Instagram share (there is a specific tactic!)

Watch the full video to hear Jenn’s advice and top tips to grow your brand on Instagram and other social media platforms-

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