We’ve known this amazing boss babe for 3+ years and after spending 6 hours in the car with her on a road trip in France over the Summer, Nicole Lombardo (co-founder of GIDG and creator of Savvy CEO School), knew having the lovely and charismatic Marisa Molina on our “How Did She Do It” show was a MUST!

A little background… Marisa helps people to transform their relationship with food, bodies, and themselves so they can eat, love and live freely. She teaches people how to use mindfulness and awareness to move past mental blocks that keep them from reaching their goals, and to face challenges with ease. (for her full bio and background, visit her website- Hello Beautiful Health)

Marisa understands that we’re bombarded with health information all the time but women, especially, don’t know how to take it in or use it for themselves in order to help achieve their goals.

She saw a void in the coaching world and focuses a lot of her energy and time coaching on transformation in mindset, relationship with food, relationship to our bodies, how do we accept our bodies, HOW to LOVE your body… There are so many fantastic programs out there that talk a lot on “making changes,” but few cover the HOW aspect of it.

Until Marisa came along…

She set out to create a comprehensive program that covers the three areas of your life- mind – body – soul, to help women find balance and be comfortable in your own skin, in order to set out and dominate your desires in the world.

“Sometimes we learn the same experience over and over again until we really get it; so if you’re having the same things or experiencing the same thing in your business and life over and over again, then just know that’s natural and normal. Keep looking for ways to transform in order for that to be better.”


In any business there are bumps, mistakes, and failures along the way; one of the biggest things Marisa learned when she was getting started is-

“You get ‘opportunities’ thrown at you all the time. As a biz owner, people are always coming to you with advice, or with their program, or tips on how to make X amount of money, how to write a book, etc.; what I have learned is to really be focused on your business, really look at it, write down the numbers, figure out what you’re good at, know where leads are coming in, who’s referring you people, know HOW you are making money, and where does your energy come from to do what you need to do and be excited about it, and THEN focus on what you need support with.”

When you know your numbers and know your business, you can confidently join a program because you KNOW that’s what you need the most support with.


Break down your business (numbers, social media posts, what’s working – what’s not working, etc.) every month if you can – if not, every 2-3 months.

  • Be focused. Look at things objectively.
  • What are your #’s?
  • What are you good at?
  • Where are referrals coming from?
  • Where are leads coming in?

If things are not working then bump them. Shift!

Once you’re making consistent income and you know your numbers and where your business is coming from, on what do you focus next?

  1. Energetic – how do you feel about yourself?

If you’re not feeling confident or if you’re doubting yourself and your abilities, you need to work on that and build that inner confidence because if you don’t believe in yourself you can’t expect others to believe in and trust you to help them.

“You will never find success in a sales call if you go into the call not believing you can truly help someone.”


2. Referral partners and word of mouth

“Human connection is the easiest way to generate and make sales.”


And for all the introverts out there who are entrepreneurs or who want to start your own business, we love Marisa’s advice for how to move beyond your fears and show up everyday to build your business and support your followers-

So what does it mean to “be seen?” Take baby steps…

1. Take care of yourself- get plenty of rest, get a massage, workout, take a walk on the beach, do whatever you need to do to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

2. Remember that there is someone out there who needs you; they need your message and if you’re not communicating, they’re not getting the support they need.

“Come from a place of contributions. It’s easier to do something for other people than it is to do for ourselves.”


3. Work through the conversation in your head (headtrash)

4. Be your true, authentic self; allow yourself to be vulnerable – don’t feel like you need to be “perfect” all the time, people gravitate more towards you when you’re being real

Now that you’re feeling confident and loving the skin you’re in, next up is taking some steps to grow your business and get followers…

Marisa’s top avenues of finding/receiving referrals and clients-

  • Referrals and word of mouth
  • Live and recorded Videos on FB; if you’re not comfortable doing live, then record and post later – there’s no shame in that game!
  • Share your media on your personal page (as long as you’re not selling anything)
  • Events & Women Gatherings- Divine Dinners, Intention Setting, Retreats, etc.; it’s all about connection!

“Divine Dinners were set up to let people experience what we were trying to teach. They didn’t understand mindful eating so we showed them.”

“Every challenge or bump in your business is a great opportunity to look at what to do next.”


And Marisa’s final tip – be sensitive to the energy flows in your business-

When something feels light, good and exciting vs. heavy, hard and a struggle. We’re not talking about emotions here – alignment is about making a decision in your business and does it feel good or not?

So get into alignment!

If doesn’t feel right in your gut or if something feels “icky” in your business, then it’s time to reevaluate what you’re doing and what needs to shift. When you feel good about what you’re doing, and your energy is good, the business just flows and it just feels good and right.

That can be within working with a particular client, or releasing a program, etc. Listen to the energy that’s flowing around that specific situation.

“Don’t take on the energy of your client. Instead, take a look at overall – are people getting value and changes?”


We wrapped up the conversation by talking out…

  • strategy behind recorded and live videos
  • how to move beyond body images and feel comfortable in your own skin to get out in the world and do what you need to do
  • how to read energy in your business and how to handle negative energy
  • getting leads and making sales from cold traffic vs. warm traffic


To watch the full interview (and you definitely should.. :)), you can watch the YouTube video here-


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