When we talk about building genuine relationship and growing a loyal following, Erin and Larissa from Urban Skincare are blowing our minds in their strategy and follow through. These gals started their business after esthetician school 16 years ago; they bonded over their mutual love to network and be social, ultimately allowing them to see this would be a good partnership.

When they started they didn’t have the luxury of money so they knew they needed to hustle to build their business. This was a time before Social Media and Yelp. There was no online presence- together, out in the world – Erin and Larissa were a STRONG presence.

They identified their ideal client and started hanging out in steak houses, handing out cards and chatting with people.

Over time they started to fill their clientele and they attribute it to going out there having real conversations and not being afraid to put themselves out there. They ask their clients questions, they talk with them, they made notes about them, their families and even their pets; their clients know them, and they KNOW their clients. They have seen some people through prom all the way through college, getting married and now having kids. They have built real life long relationships

Also, they created a cycle for their business; they realized people needed more appointments every month, so they would call at the end of the month the re-book. They consistently picked up the phone to call clients and because they were so good about making notes about important pieces of their clients’ lives, they were able to have REAL conversations as oppose to surface level. As a result, they filled their business.

“We love making people feel good- that’s definitely one of our common grounds with each other. We believe in putting the clients first and really giving them an experience of feeling loved and pampered is really what we have in common and we really wanted to relate that in out business. We treat our clients like family and most of them have been with us since day 1.”


So many people struggle with sales and we love the mindset and approach they take when it comes to generating business- “Ignorance is bliss.”

When you’re 22/23 years old, you have the mindset that you can do anything and you’re unstoppable. You might have fear, but you may also be “too young” to truly understand or be intimidated by that fear. So when you’re starting or maybe growing a business later on in life, you must still have that same mindset.

The Urban Girls’ advice…

  • Be unstoppable
  • Hustle
  • Have confidence

What started out as, what they call it- “gorilla marketing,” did eventually turn into building a social media presence. They are on social media, but they look at it as brand awareness, not their sole way of business. Still to this day their business is filled because of their community marketing efforts.

“Social Media is just building your brand. It shouldn’t be seen as the sole avenue of bringing you clients or supporting your business. What supports your business is YOU! You calling your clients, thanking them for referrals, asking about how they are and what’s going on. They NEED you and your business needs YOU!”


Now they have a team who does all of their marketing in-house so they can focus on what they love (working with clients). They meet yearly on their marketing goals and then their team implements the strategy. They are able to be hands off in the day to day operations as a result.  

We love these girls because they build their business on their genuine desire to meet, interact and build authentic relationships within their community. They lean on their ability to pick up the phone or hit the streets and network, as oppose to be a faceless brand marketing from behind a computer. They had TONS to say about starting and building a successful business, along with growing a loyal following.


In this interview the Urban Girls went on to talk about—

  • what to do when you struggle with sales
  • if you don’t have a budget for marketing, what other options do you have?
  • when to know you’re ready to hire someone to the team, and who to hire
  • how to plan ahead and be proactive so you don’t have to be reactive in your business
  • how to handle your business when it’s slow
  • their top tips for starting a business not with it being 16-years later and looking back


For the full interview with the Urban Skincare Girls, you can check it out here-


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