We would like to introduce a good friend and colleague to you.

Meet Seema! Seema is a content creator and has worked with big corporate businesses as well as solopreneurs to help them create content like blogs, worksheets, lists, online courses, manuals and more!

Everything we have seen from Seema is very high quality, very simple, very easy, and not only that, she brings so much joy to her work!

Which is why we love this Savvy Business lady!

And today the lovely #bossbabe is so incredible and offering to our beloved community a never seen before training about how to create a year’s worth of content upgrades in less than 60 minutes, and also without losing your mind or spending hundreds of dollars.

Having engaged, super raving fans in your business is super valuable and very overlooked in the way that business is done today.

Putting out really amazing, high value content including tips and information to really affect people’s lives, is a great way to build those raving fans in your business.


And secondly, you really want to focus on high level activities in your business.

You do not want to be on the content creation treadmill…

You can’t be on every platform and do what you’re supposed to be doing in your business as well if you don’t have a system.

And if you don’t create these repetitive processes for you to actually spend time doing whatever it is you do in your business, you will only be spinning in circles in and never actually get anything done.

While the social media platforms can be seen as really saturated, we want to remind you that less is more. If you’re going to spend time putting yourself out there and making social media posts- really simplify your business and offer amazing content.

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So in talking about content creation and before we jump into this training, it’s important for you to know this program is for you if:

  • You want more leads.
  • You want more sales.
  • You want more engaged, raving fans.
  • You want more time to focus on high-level activities.
  • You want to spend less money for more results.
  • You want to give incredible value to your tribe.
  • You want to be known as a prolific content creator.

So if you’re reading this and saying, YES! I NEED this training- GREAT!

We can’t wait to jump in with you!

We’ll be covering the 7 steps to create content-

  1. Choose your core content platform
  2. Brainstorm content ideas + content upgrades
  3. Create content
  4. Create upgrades
  5. Use the content multiplier system
  6. Load them into your autoresponder
  7. Schedule and promote and track

We will also cover each of the 52 points in detail and give examples for different industries, and also share the #1 mistake most businesses make.

So without delay, click this link and receive your free training now and a free list of the 52 upgrades!

“You don’t need to be a trained design professional to create beautiful worksheets for your online courses and programs, you only need Google Docs and my 7 ready-to-customise templates to create world-class worksheets without spending any money and in under 60 minutes.” – Seema Bharwani


Seema’s templates will help you:

  • Map out and create beautiful course worksheets in under 60 minutes without crying tears of frustration because your Canva design didn’t save so that you can spend time designing and promoting your program.
  • Get the top 7 worksheets you need to include in every single course or program you sell so that participants can use and apply what they have learned so that you get tons more testimonials and sell more courses.
  • Transform each of the worksheets from drab to fab with your logo, and brand colors using only Google Docs so that your worksheets look like a million bucks without spending a single dollar on graphic design even if you have zero design sense and cannot draw a straight line.

Click here if you want to skip the training and see the templates that Seema has available for you.

You can see what others are saying about these templates-

Content Creation Testimonial for Seema Bharwani

The Swipe & Create Template bundle will save you both the time spent learning design software and the $$$ spent on graphic designers so that you can focus on making money from your business instead of spending hours trying to superimpose an image onto a worksheet.

This bundle is jam packed with every single worksheet template you’ll ever need for your online business, including templates for courses, webinars and masterclasses PLUS content upgrades for your blog and podcasts. We’ve even had people use these templates to design their eBooks and planners.

We hope you enjoy the free training, the free download and the templates when you purchase the bundle. Let us know how it goes!


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Note: We are an affiliate of Seema’s and will receive compensation if you decide to purchase. However, we only promote the biz tools that we use and absolutely BELIEVE wholeheartedly in.