While Nicole Lombardo, co-founder of Get It Done Gals, was spending a Summer abroad and living it up in Paris, France, she came across this lovely, talented, vivacious and inspiring “influencer” – Kristina Wilde, and had the opportunity to sit down with her for about 50 minutes and really pick her brain.

First, you’re probably asking, “Ok. But what exactly is an ‘influencer’?”

In her own words, Kristina explains an influencer to be- someone who inspires people, who creates a call to action and who influences something.

And a significant piece to being an influencer, Kristina explains, is there simply MUST be a genuine connection with your audience.

Right off the bat we loved this #bossbabe. She’s real. She’s spirited. And most importantly, she knows who she is and lives to inspire others to do the same.

“People are going to relate to me based upon my experiences, my life and what I’m going through. So I’m not going to try and hide ‘this’ from them, and I’m always going to be really honest and share.”


So let’s back up a step for a minute to truly understand who Kristina is, what she’s about, and what she actually “does” as an influencer.. Kristina found her footing in the blogging world talking about fashion > beauty > skincare > lifestyle, which now has led to a significant presence on her blog, YouTube and Instagram. In the beginning she was very personal which led her to now being a lot more strategic.

In getting started, there are really two ways to go about building your brand and your business- you can look at and write down a business plan, get really strategic in your targeting and your ideal audience, OR you can just get started and then back-track (which is what Kristina did); just know this route will take a little longer and while you won’t be as consistent, sometimes figuring it out as you go offers more of a genuine presence.

“There’s not necessarily a right or wrong way – you just need to get started.”


And while there’s not necessarily a right or wrong way to do things, she did offer her top tips for making your YouTube channel a success…

  • It’s more about views vs. followers/subscribers
  • You can collaborate with other YouTubers
  • Document your life with other YouTubers there
  • You can have sponsored posts in which a company will want to work with you-
    • “I would never work with a company or brand who does not match my brand or audience.”
  • Truly hone into who your audience is
  • Know your highest search tag- how do people find you?

…and also tips on making your blog/site a success…

  • Keep being consistent
  • Keep publishing content that people are going to relate to
  • Be true to yourself!
  • Know your audience and be protective of what you share and make sure it’s in line with who you are and who your audience is
  • Only publish content you’re truly proud of

As you’ve heard us say time and time again…it’s about showing up. Being consistent. And providing value!

“If you want to be a part of a community, you actually have to be a part of it.”


They follow you for a reason so take that seriously, give back to them, and they will give back to you so much more by interacting, engaging, sharing your content with friends; when you have that loyalty and following and you’re consistent, that’s just going to help you overall.

It’s too easy to play the comparison game and it’s in that game you can lose yourself. You have to be true to you.

“I’ve never chased the money; I chase what I love and what I’m passionate about. If you work hard at what you love to do and what comes naturally to you and what you’re really passionate about, it’s going to turn into something and the money will just naturally come.”


And if you, like so many of our one-on-one coaching clients, battle truly finding the balance between what you’re passionate about and what can be monetized vs. what could be more of a hobby – get comfortable talking to yourself. Ask-

What do I love?
What am I passionate about?
What do I spend 24/7 thinking about.. doing?

And just start writing it down. Stay true to yourself and most importantly, don’t force something.

And always be a believer that everything happens for a reason.


Kristina went even more into detail of who she is, how she got to where she is, and her story, and wrapped up this “How Did She Do It” story by diving deeper into-

  • how to be inspired by others without necessarily comparing
  • her thoughts on paying for social media ads
  • her story in moving to Paris
  • how a negative relationship inspired her to find even more hustle and start her YouTube channel
  • the importance of self reflection
  • the difference between working to live & living to work, and how to live the life you desire
  • her favorite compliment and how it motivates her
  • her next project and the community she’s building around it

To watch the entire interview and get fully inspired, watch the YouTube episode here-

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