In looking at your business it’s important to come to terms with the fact that there are going to be seasons in your business. That’s just a fact. It’s going to happen!

What’s imperative to know, however, is that you can use these seasons and past experiences to forecast future trends and make plans for the future.

So today we want to talk about 4 main points when talking about seasons in your business:

  1. Having a vision
  2. Growth
  3. Research
  4. Reflection


1. Vision

So when you’re thinking of the year coming up, you need to set the vision for the year. There’s going to be a part of the year you’re really thinking about the vision, considering your WHY, evaluating the past year and planning for the future ahead.

Looking at your why, your mission and your purpose is an important step that really keeps you grounded and motivated, and allows you to go into the new year passionate and really strong. A time of reflection allows you to review if there are any holes.

Is there anything I can make better?
Is there anything I need to get rid of?
Is there anything that’s not working?

Look at what’s working and expand on those.
Look at what’s not working and start to cut those.

In thinking about your vision, instead of thinking – I want, I hope, I wish…instead, act as though it already is. Wanting is very different from telling yourself exact details of what you see happening in your life. “I want to live by the beach,” is very different from saying to yourself, “I am going to live by the beach.”

The purpose of doing visions and affirmations is not about the words you speak, it’s about the emotions that it evokes. It allows you to tap into what you really want in life and act as if it already is.

So when you’re thinking about your vision for the year, next 5 years, 10 years, or whatever it is you’re envisioning, act and believe as though there are no constraints, no barriers, and no challenges…

The only barriers, constraints and challenges there truly are, are the ones we put in our own way.


2. Growth

Once you have your vision, you have your goals and you know what direction you’re going, you then move into growth.

This is a point in your business in which you start focusing on marketing, putting yourself out there, and making connections. You want to really get the growth going throughout the majority of the year as you focus on your goals and growing in the right area that makes the most sense for your vision.

It may be networking…
Growing your list…
Increasing your fans or audience on your social media platforms…

Whatever that vision and goal is, when you start focusing on it with the right strategy, you will start to see some growth.


3. Research

Once you get through your vision and goal-setting season, move into growth and start seeing results there, you move into a research season. Here is where you really take a look at what you’ve been doing, evaluating the numbers, and determine what’s working vs. what’s not working. You really want to see if you’re on track to where you want to go before you get too far down the road.

Talk to people on your list..
Speak to people in your group..
Ask for feedback from your community and/or strategic partners…

You can also start split-testing funnels, campaigns and Facebook ads to get real, raw data that let’s you know what your next move should be as you move into the next season.

The key takeaway here is-

Stop guessing and just ask!


This will alleviate so much stress, pressure and mind space to be able to do so many other, better things for you and your business.


4. Reflection

This gives you just a little time and space to take a little breather. Now that you know what steps you need to take next, take a little breather to refresh, renew and reenergize before moving into the cycle again. Reflection is a MUST!

When you’re truly grinding and burning the candle from both ends, you really need to take a little break so you can go into the next cycle strong!

You have 60,000 thoughts a day that only add stress, anxiety and sometimes complication to your day. When you shut that down and allow yourself a mind-cation, this allows so many new, creative and inspiring thoughts to be even better the next go-round. When you’re so head-on in the business, your creativity will start to fade and you will wear yourself down.

So stop.
And CELEBRATE the year behind you before moving straight into the next cycle of grind.

For 2016, this is what our year looked like:

  • January- Vision
  • February-August- Growth
  • September- Research
  • October-November- Reflection
  • December- Vision & Strategy


In this “Real Talk,” you will also hear tips on:

  1. How to shorten the disconnect between the theory and fear of creating content and posting your product.
  2. How to find the more “advanced” client or someone who is more serious, and which platform they are more than likely hanging out on.
  3. How and WHY to be authentic in social media groups and think connection and strategy over sales and spam.


To watch the “Real Talk with the Get It Done Gals,” it its entirety, check it out here:



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