Nicole Lombardo is the co-founder of Get It Done Gals and also the creator of the Savvy CEO School. You may know her best for her direct style, comprehensive knowledge of various industries, and her love for strategy, systems, and productivity. But do you know her full story and WHY she’s not only in love with coaching and consulting, but why she’s so great at it? Have you ever stopped to wonder how this girl knows so much about SO MUCH?!

Well, today we are answering those questions…

When you know the WHY, you know the heart…
When you understand the passion, you can allow yourself to be aligned with the mission…

Our mission here at Get It Done Gals is to build simple and successful businesses with strategy, a get-it-done mentality and give women the clarity and confidence they need to step into their CEO panties and craft the life and business of their dreams.

But knowing our mission is only half of it.. it’s our WHY that truly drives us.

It’s our history, successes, failures, and overall experiences that allow us the tools and the know-how in finding success in business.

But one thing we understand is that…

“If you don’t voice your opinion and expertise, you can’t have the expectation for people to look at you as the expert.”


This is why we’re turning the tables and putting ourselves in the hot seat for this segment of, “How Did She Do it.”

Let’s dive in…

Nicole’s super high-achiever mentality started at a very young age. Not only did she graduate high school at the early age of 17 but she was also taking college level courses while attending high school, starting at merely 15 years old.

Obtaining a degree in kinesiology and thinking a career in health and fitness would hold her intrigue, life, as it can often do, took a completely different turn and landed her in the corporate world. Being the ambitious person she is, not only was she taking college level courses working towards her degree, she was also working in the real estate and mortgage industry at the same time. Falling into real estate was a pivotal moment in Nicole’s life that she could have never expected, and it was here that her course in business and life was truly established.

Not only did Nicole gain a ton of knowledge and become proficient in mortgage, finance and real estate, she was also obtaining a working knowledge of how to run (and not to run…) a business in general. Being a part of this specific team for over a decade, she really was allowed to have her hands in a lot of things, start from the bottom and work her way up, and gain invaluable expertise in everything from:

  • hiring people and building a team…
  • to overseeing the marketing efforts and plan…
  • to working in Quickbooks and handling the finances…
  • to working on the real estate development side…
  • and anything and everything in between.

Not only did this experience allow her the “know-how,” but this is also where she was introduced to the importance of having a mentor in your life and surrounding yourself with really really good people who will push you up, instead of bring you down.

A mentor can see your potential and where you can go…
A mentor can push you out of your comfort zone and open doors for you you may have left closed…
A mentor can coach and lead you into being a better version of yourself…
A mentor can really nurture you through a critical growth phase in your life…

Some of the most important lessons Nicole learned from her specific mentor(s) that she holds true to her heart today are…

  1. Don’t let your emotions run your business; be slow, steady and even kill; don’t get emotional
  2. Regardless of your circumstances, don’t let your emotions swing
  3. Always be “on top of it,” and be organized
  4. Sit back and if there is some negative feedback, really evaluate the situation, get some perspective and THEN address the situation
  5. Always be forward thinking

“In choosing a mentor, it’s really someone who understands you as a person and who can teach you on a personal level, but also on a business level or a LIFE level. I think those together really work hand in hand. It’s about creating and cultivating a connection with somebody.”


Maybe it starts out on more of a professional level and they’re coaching you and mentoring you just about business, but as the relationship develops, soon you’ll see you’re really learning so much more about life!

So you may be saying to yourself, “I’m a solopreneur…I don’t have those ‘mentor’ type people in my everyday life.” Here’s where you can get yourself in trouble…

“Reinventing the wheel is the quickest way not to make money!”


And we say that to encourage you to join a community group, follow people who are years ahead of where you are and who have paved the way, hire a coach…find SOMEONE who really pushes you and can lend a helping hand and support you.

We also want to encourage you to be very careful to do what your “friend in business” says to do. A lot of times we see people do something because their friend said to do it not realizing they’re missing a lot of steps or there’s a few pieces that are missing. This is the fastest way to slow the momentum of your growth, to get overwhelmed and burnout.

“The best route is to invest.”


If you’re going to run a business, you need to take your business seriously.

Are you ready?
Are you serious about your business?
Are you going to put in the hard work?
Are you ready to be committed?

“If you want to make huge shifts and changes, and really make strides in your business – having the accountability, the group around you, other entrepreneurs and mentors there to guide you, is going to make the biggest difference and be the most instrumental element to growing your business.”


There are proven systems and procedures out there that are already working, so why would you spin even more out of control by trying to reinvent the wheel? Just as the experts and professionals hire coaches and trainers to perfect their technique and skill, how much more do newbies or soloproneurs need a coach or mentor?!

Another key point Nicole made is in treating your business as a business and looking at it as an investment, an asset that is supposed to make you money. It isn’t a side or fun “thing” just to help people. If you truly want to quit that 9-5, you have to invest in your business in order for it to grow and start showing a return.

So, just to recap, surround yourself with the right people, and invest in your business, and you’re on your way to finding success in your business! 🙂

Nicole went on to explain how she started and quickly grew 2 businesses (with her husband), hit well over 6-figures, and was allowed to utilize all the skills she had attained up to this point. In explaining the companies she started up with her husband, she made some very good points as to what to look for in a partner, if you’re considering growing your team:

“2 parties have to want to be involved”


Conflict comes from when one person feels he/she is in control while the other feels he/she is being drug along. That could be in marriage or in a business relationship.

  1. Find someone who compliments you, your strengths/weaknesses, and will bring a balance to your set of skills and expertise
  2. You must both be committed
  3. You have to be able to trust each other
  4. Find someone who you can work cohesively together with for one common goal

These same points she found imperative in how/why her relationship on the business front works in working with her husband, is also what she attributes to how/why the relationship works here within the Get It Done Gals team.

In a previous venture of starting a handbag business (in which a percentage of the profits went on to support women saved from being forced into human trafficking), Nicole learned invaluable lessons of simplifying the business, cutting the “fat,” getting really clear and focused in her messaging, staying in community, and not trying to be everything to everyone; this is when she really saw it just “work” and the business truly began to grow and prosper.

It’s the same message we bring to our audience under the “Get It Done Gals” umbrella – simplify and get back to the basics, to cut your to-do list in half, truly get out of overwhelm and get it all done!

This also brings us back to how to make it work when you have a partner. We mentioned before it takes finding someone who compliments your strengths/weaknesses, you must be committed, there has to be trust and you have to work cohesively together for one common goal. To add on to that, it also takes:

  1. Communication is key – it’s always better to over communicate than hope or assume the message gets across.
  2. Allow a “grace” policy in which there’s no guilt; come to the table understanding that you’re doing the best you can and if you’re sick, you’re sick – if you’re tired, you’re tired. But at the end of the day, you both know you’re putting in 100% of what you can for that day!
  3. Have the same message and belief systems in running a business; however, also come to the table with different ideas and opinions to truly allow the best possible outcome.
  4. Be understanding of each other!
  5. Set those expectations up front as far as what you can expect from each other and also what your expectations are for your business and clients.

“We believe in high quality, really giving of ourselves in a way that feels good and feels right, we don’t push ourselves or push our community – we’re here to teach, train and lead the best way we can.”


Our bottom line is simplicity and helping women. Period. That is all we want to do. It’s not about us or stroking our ego, it’s not about power or who does better or runs it, our core mission is help support women and keep it simple.

To wrap up the conversation, Nicole went on to talk about:

  • the difference between working with friends vs. a coach/consult
  • Lusso bags and supporting women forced into human trafficking
  • having a hand in the NBA
  • the difference between profits, revenue, sales and income
  • her next adventure living in Paris and continuing to run her business(es)

For the full interview and to hear Nicole’s incredible journey, you can watch it on our YouTube Channel:


We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek at Nicole’s journey and now have more of an understanding why we are so passionate about what we do. If you have any questions or need support in your business and life, leave a comment below or reach out to us via email anytime. (


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