You’re ready to take action to turn your online business dreams into a beautiful reality!

How would you like a day-by-day plan to grow your business so you know exactly what you need to do every day to move your vision forward & to bring in new clients (and more $$$)?

Our tested and proven planner will help you create your 90 day business vision and lay out the day-to-day tasks you need to complete to turn that vision into reality.

This is the exact daily planner we use in our business.

Planner includes:

  • Meditation for Entrepreneurs
  • Goals Worksheet for 90 days
  • Daily To-Do List focusing on top priorities to move your biz forward
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Daily Income Tracker and Marketing Tracker
  • Weekly Marketing Prompts to keep yourself on track with your marketing goals
  • 90-Day Reflection
  • Daily Notes section so you don’t have to carry an extra journal or notepad around
  • Includes Daily Affirmation, Personal Me Time Section (Self Care is important for entrepreneurs!) and Daily Reflection area to hold yourself accountable
  • *You will receive a digital download for quarter 4 (October, November and December) of 2017 to print at home or print it at Staples like we do.

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“If all the mainstream planners had a baby it would end up being the Savvy CEO Vision Planner.”

– Heather Lindemenn


Click here to download your Vision Planner