We were so excited to interview this wonderful woman on our latest, “How Did She Do It” episode because she is such an amazing community builder.

We, truthfully, found Alisha Ochoa via some Instagram stocking and, ironically, that is exactly how Alisha found her now business partner.

Her own passion project now full-time “job” started when she realized that her inability to connect her friends was actually hindering their success as fellow entrepreneurs. What they needed were connections! Being a self-diagnosed extrovert to the MAX, Alisha had the friends, and the community, but originally, had never thought to connect them.

And in here lies the birth of Boss Babes Brunch Club.

It didn’t start after a long session of planning and calculating. It literally came to her in an instant and she KNEW from that second it was going to happen and she would make it thrive.

“When you get together and you create authentic relationships and friendships, we can support each other and help each other, and encourage one another to thrive!”

So as you know, everything changes and evolves with time. In the beginning, BBBC looked very different from what it is today – a living, breathing, networking and event machine!

  • Initially she came up with the idea to meet four times a year for her girlfriends who are looking for group networking and collaboration (now it’s more like 4x/MONTH!)
  • She took time to explore passions without forcing the business along; and, funny, everything ended up falling into place

    • While brainstorming the idea of Boss Babe Brunch Club, she was typing an email to her hopeful future business partner Brandi, and at the exact same time she walked in the door
    • A job application required coming up with a program idea which, ironically, as she didn’t get the job, she further explored her program idea which turned into BBBC 🙂 

We just love how the universe works when you’re truly following your passion and you’re on the road to what you’re meant to do!

We love how Alisha tapped into her creative side (did we mention she minored in art and dance in college?!), to really find her niche, explore her passions for a possible career path, and figure out what realistically is a lifestyle that is fulfilling.

One of the biggest challenges we find within our own coaching clients, is, their biggest obstacle is themselves. It’s the fear living inside them that inhibits their creativity and postpones their launch!

But not this Get It Done Gal!

And once Alisha and Brandi teamed up, the momentum was unstoppable!

They took a purposeful route in getting started. Before launching anything, they built a website to put the vibe and idea out there.

“If I don’t take myself seriously, and I don’t take this business idea seriously, then why would other people, and why should I expect them to?”

  • Once you have an established presence online, you want to show people where to go and what you are serious talking about
  • Have a solid “about us” section to show what you’re about and let your customers get to know you:
  • Be authentic and let your customers get to know you
    • Let your personality come across in your voice and tone in your writing
    • The website is where people will decide if they’re interested or not in your brand -> will they “swipe left” or “swipe right”?
  • Make the identity of your brand known by the website
  • Fully COMMIT!!!

neurontin mg robaxin online After building the website, launch your brand on social media:

  • Post regularly
  • Boss Babes Brunch Club’s Instagram has a pattern so followers know what to expect
  • Make the captions valuable to the followers, ask questions; make your caption a call to action
  • Take an interest in followers and comments so that they will take an interest in you
  • Take feedback from followers and comments seriously and put them into action; this speaks VOLUMES to your followers! It’s their call-to-action to YOU!
  • Always be authentic and vulnerable -> there’s a ripple effect of vulnerability

“Create a space of vulnerability and authenticity for everyone else to share the same thing. So lead by example. When you start building relationships of depth, as oppose to shallow, surface-level conversations, then that’s when you really hit ‘home,’ and those are the conversations people will want to come back to.”

If you are honest and authentic, someone else will feel comfortable being honest and authentic, too.

So many of our clients and people in general really struggle not only being themselves, but really being themselves online.

So how do you create this great, authentic space on social media people want to come back to?

  • Write everything out and then cut out the fluff
    • People don’t want to read long paragraphs
    • What is going to be of value to your readers vs. what’s going to make them disengage?
  • Listing with an outline helps guide your readers
    • “Here’s three things…”
  • Ask what they want so you can respond to their answers
  • Be yourself – pretend you’re talking to someone; pretend there’s a dialogue

So one question we get a lot from our private one-on-one clients is how to transition from happy, fun posts to business/professional posts, all the while keeping on brand and keeping balance?

While there’s no specific formula, there are a few strategies that you can use:

  • Newsletter – people sign up before coming to events and are able to purchase tickets before the general public.
    • Don’t spam with newsletters
    • Use a personal tone in newsletters
  • Use a personal tone in posts but use a call to action
    • Tell them what to do and when to do it; Ex: “Seats are filling up, get yours now!”
  • Create a virtual community so that people will want to come to the physical space
  • Be super passionate! When you’re passionate and excited about what you do, people will genuinely be curious to learn more!
    • Take care of yourself so that you are your best you and your energy will shine! That energy will attract the right people.

“If I don’t shine. You don’t shine!”

  • Be focused on who you are talking to
  • Have an attitude of gratitude

We could have talked to this boss babe all day long!! But unfortunately our time was limited due to, well.. life! 🙂

So Alisha wrapped up the interview by talking about:

  • How do you find/establish your brand voice online, especially if there are 2+ people on your team within your company?
  • How do you overcome challenges you face in your journey, especially within the first 6-months to a year of running your business?

To watch the interview in its entirety and hear straight from the community-creating queen herself, you can watch the full episode here:

“There’s no such thing as luck. Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity”

To find/follow Alisha and see what’s coming up on her event calendar:

Thanks for being in our community…


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