We are so excited to interview Desiree Rose with #ThinkSocial on today talking about how to maximize links on Instagram.

We know what you’re thinking… “but you can’t have links (plural) on Instagram, right?!” Wrong! 🙂

It’s already a little frustrating that within Instagram you can only have that one link; now if you upgrade your account to a business account, you are now able to technically have 2 links – your website and now a “contact me” link, but that’s it.

What’s even more frustrating is if you come across someone’s post and you think, “YES!! That is exactly what I need!!!” …only to click on the link in their bio and it has absolutely nothing to do with the post that you were just on. You then waste precious time searching their website they sent you to, only to leave even more frustrated and now with wasted time you can’t get back in your day.

We get it. It can be super annoying!

Well, Social Coach Desiree is here today to share with you her Instagram hack!

The site she’s going to share with you today is called linktr.ee (this is the website; it is not a .com site, so don’t get confused); and as of right now, it’s completely FREE! 🙂

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up with your Instagram login and authorize your account.
  2. Within the site you can add as many links as you would like with a little teaser about each to get them to actually click the link; and my motto here is always:

“Don’t give away the farm!”


Give them just enough to entice them to click without telling them everything they need to know before they do.

Get it!?

You can:

  • add your links
  • change the order
  • change the color

So, now, when you use your linktr.ee link within your bio on Instagram, it takes them to your linktr.ee site and they will now be able to see all of your links and simply select the one they’re looking for.

It looks like this:

links on instagrammaximize links on instagram

Not only that, linktr.ee keeps track of the analytics and from Desiree’s experience, the SEO and the analytics have been way better/higher than the Instagram Analytics have ever reported.

It’s a great resource for Instagram since Insta really limits how many links you can have; but really, you can use the linktr.ee link anywhere since it’s just a link that takes them to a landing page with all your sites in one, easy and convenient spot.

To watch the entire tutorial on how to use linktr.ee and what the backend of the site looks like, you can check out the full interview here:


And be sure to follow Desiree for more Instagram hacks, tips and tricks in her Think Social Instagram Facebook Group


Stay social!

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