This Get It Done Gal is the EPITOME of the words, “GET IT DONE!”

Having Lauryn Evarts as a guest on our Real Talk show was a MUST! She is a feisty, fiery, true to herself boss babe who lives to inspire entrepreneurs with her, “You do you!” belief system and attitude.

Lauryn didn’t have the “typical” or normal journey to entrepreneurship as society would label. Although she did do the college “thing” and get her degree, she never truly felt like school was for her and honestly, as she called it, was pointless.

Bold statement, we know. But her realness is what we love… and what her fans love the most about her!

“In life you have to trust your gut and march to the beat of your own drum! This is the definition of a true Savvy CEO!”


Through college Lauryn worked three jobs, while going to school, and having a dream… no a NEED! to create a community of women empowering, supporting and encouraging one another.

We totally get and love that passion!

She started by creating a website while others were complaining about not knowing how to do “this,” or not knowing how to do, “that.”

In life, and as business and marketing coaches, too often we find people either play the blame game, become queens of pity-parties, or, what we like and encourage, get super resourceful!

“I was resourceful. You have to get resourceful! I’m a big believer that if you want to do something, you do it. You have to figure it out!”


We talk a lot with our clients about if you’re going to launch a site or start a business, there are key things you need to think about. Lauryn attributed the success of her blog in keeping these key things in mind when she launched it:

  1. Be strategic
  2. Get resourceful
  3. Have mental toughness
  4. Be disciplined. Be RELENTLESS!
  5. You have to think of the aesthetic of your site and the brand and messaging (you must have clarity)
  6. You have to get into the mindset of your audience; how will the reader feel when looking at your site & reading your content?

“You have to get real with yourself and find out what makes YOU tick!”


Her mindset when she started her blog was brilliant!

It wasn’t about gaining followers or getting likes. She had clarity in her mission and she simply wanted to provide VALUE to her audience.

Sound familiar?

With this selfless mindset combined with her relentless work ethic, she has become a true leader and role model for bloggers and entrepreneurs of all walks of life.

True leadership is just being you, showing up as yourself and leading in that capacity.


Money comes when you are really doing what you like to do! Not what you’re “passionate” about, necessarily. “I’m not passionate every single day when I wake up; I’m not inspired every single day. But I get up and work every single day,”

Lauryn confessed she has worked 7 days a week for 7 years straight without a true vacation. Yes she travels, but there is a difference between traveling and taking a true vacation vs. traveling and working through your time away.

Yes there is burn out. Not every day is inspiring! But the key here is that she goes back to her core values of community & trust which adds fuel to her fire and keeps her going. It’s her WHY! And she simply digs deep and tunes into what makes her tick.

“If I’ve done anything, it’s engage with my audience.

I sit down for an hour in the morning and an hour at night to respond to every single snapchat message. This constant engagement has built a community.”


There are too many bloggers who are too big or too “famous,” to engage with their followers. Being a blogger and an influencer is to be reachable. For a blogger to put up a recommendation and then not answer the questions that follow the post, you’re not doing your job!

“Your job is your audience.”


One thing we can definitely agree that Lauryn does extremely well is show up. And consistently! So we asked what her strategy is:

It’s about vision but being more off the cusp, as long as it all matches up with the long term and big picture vision. It’s about a strategic future and then everything she does every single day attributes to that bigger vision.

It’s more about documentation, realness and behind the scenes looks, as oppose to super planned-out content. It’s the difference between content creation and documentation. The real, raw, behind-the-scenes look is what works for her and what works for her audience, and what her audience has come to expect.

It’s called the compelling future – a strategic life by design! You must set an intention and then work towards it without expectation.

“It’s not a day-to-day strategy, it’s about everything you do day-to-day being inline with your bigger picture.”


Too many people think, “I need to know exactly what I’m doing/posting every single day.”

Nope! That mindset will freeze you in your tracks and allow procrastination to dominate.

You need to post when it lights you up. When you can’t get it out fast enough, that’s when you post. And THAT energy will hit so many more people and light them up. When you’re inspired, you inspire!

You’re not going to be inspired 100% of the time. But with anything, it’s about Practice. Practice. Practice.

Once you get on that momentum, it tumbles like a tumbleweed and that is how you build community.

And if you’re looking for someone to push yourself, you’re out of luck. It’s you! You have to push yourself. You chose this path, you have to put the time in, you put your head down and you just do it.

“The ones who end up succeeding are not the ones with the most talent; they’re the ones who put in the work mixed with talent. If you don’t cultivate the talent, and work the talent, it’s not going to work itself.”


In remaining true to her “no BS” personality, Lauryn not only goes on to talk about how grateful she is for her community and also the opportunity to be a human guinea pig to offer real, raw advice and opinions on the products and programs she checks out, but she also opens up about the other end of the spectrum and let us in on how she views her failures as well…

“What I’ve chosen to do with the adversity, curve balls and failures is I CHOOSE to let it fuel me. It really REALLY is a choice.”


And her final piece of advice for entrepreneurs in this talk are her top 3 things every savvy business owner MUST have/do:

  1. Have vision
  2. Do YOU!
  3. Constantly engage with the audience that’s ALLOWING you to have the platform that you have
  4. Be grateful!

“With anything good, comes struggle and sacrifice.”


Lauryn had too many golden nuggets to write down, as her entire talk was inspiring. She rounded out the interview by letting us in on her…

  • morning routine and how she fights anxiety
  • recommended read
  • thoughts on a business coach
  • how she chooses her inner circle
  • how she handles struggle and adversity


To hear Lauryn’s entire Real Talk, you can check it out here:


After the interview Lauryn and I were chatting and we parted on these words…

“It has been a journey and I want to be real about that, it has not been perfect”

For more information on Lauryn or to follow her on her platforms:


Much love. And much REALNESS,

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