Is a freedom-based business REALLY a reality?

“Freedom-based” is really a hot topic and a desire by a lot of people in the work space. We’re noticing more and more people are leaving their 9-5 to have freedom to travel, do what they want to do, and build their business out of what they’re most passionate about.

Today we want to discuss the top 3 things you MUST have in your business in order to create that freedom-based lifestyle; regardless of what “freedom” means to you.

In the last 3 years of us working under the Get It Done Gals brand, we’re still learning and tweaking and changing with the times and trends to figure out what works best for us, and how we can best support you. Our vision we’ve had, as we enter into our 4th year, is finally in place. But we want to be really real with you and let you know that we didn’t start and immediately meet our goal.

It took time. It was a journey!

Our passion and dream is to create a support system for entrepreneurs. We really want to give you the behind the scenes of our life and business to enable you to streamline your business for success.

It’s important for you to know we didn’t just leave our 9-5 jobs, and then instantly start coaching you. We have years and years of experience building and growing businesses and really refining what works vs. what doesn’t.

Whether it’s products, services, coaching, etc., collectively we’ve supported entrepreneurs or have worked with over 20 different industries.

So when we say we know what you’re going through and we get the struggle, pain, overwhelm, and excitement… we sincerely get it!

So these three steps we have for you today will help you regardless of whether you’re in direct sells, you’re product-based, you’re a coach, you’re service-based, etc.

So the 3 things we believe to be the most important when building your freedom-based business are as follows:

  1. It takes time – it takes hustle!
  2. You have to put systems into place.
  3. You must build a community!

1. So first, let’s talk about the time and hustle that goes into building your business.


It gets a little difficult because we’re completely aware of all the Facebook ads you’re being flooded with that say, “Hey! You can make X-# of dollars in just one month!!” …or, “I made X-# of dollars in only 2 weeks!”

It’s not to say those people didn’t make that amount of money in that time; but there’s a lot of stuff before that you don’t always see.

A lot of people in the online world are like us, serial entrepreneurs, and they’ve been at it for a very long time.

The one thing we know we’ve done really well in building out business is we’ve been patient, and we’ve been consistent.

We understand building your business does take a lot of time and when building our business, we treated it like one.

We invested when we needed to invest…
We did what we needed to do to always be moving forward…

The brand we have now is not the same brand we had 3 years ago when we started.

The hustle and taking time is asking yourself if you’re really ready.

Am I really ready to do what it takes to move “this” business forward…?
Am I really ready to do what it takes to truly be able to help people…?
Am I willing to be patient and consistent…?
Am I ok with trying something and failing, but determined enough to keep moving forward?

The best things in the world are worth waiting for.


2. Systems are sexy!! That’s right, we just said it! 🙂


However, systems are not sexy until you have them in place. When you have them in place it will open up your day… your life…

Having systems, the right systems, in place means you don’t have to sit at your desk all day long.

You have your systems running…
Your team knows what to do when certain situations arise…
You have certain things automated…

Having your systems in place will allow you to take a step back from the hustle we talked about in step 1, and finally breathe and focus on yourself IN ADDITION TO your business.

Do you remember what that is like?! 🙂

When you have systems, you have a strategy in place…
Strategy means you can give your 1-1 clients 100% focus, or be able to focus completely on the task at hand without having your mind running circles around anything and everything that can, will or could arise.

It opens up a lot of space mentally…
It opens up a lot of space to explore new opportunities…
It opens up a lot of opportunities to dive into health and fitness…
It opens up a lot of valuable time to spend with our hubbies…

So, again, systems are sexy! 🙂

We see a lot of people who grow really fast, which is fantastic!

However, if you grow too fast your growth potential will be capped because you never put these systems in place.


So what do we mean by that?

If/when you grow your business based around you, don’t put a team in place, and never take the time to write out or create systems, you will be stuck.

You will be stuck working in your business every single day.
You will be stuck not being able to take a day or week or anytime at all off.

For some, this can create the mindset of achievement because you’re needed, busy, and there’s a sense of fulfillment.

But the reality is you can’t sustain this lifestyle.

So think, could your business run without you?
Are you able to take a vacation and not lose money?

If not, you need systems.

The scary side of systems? Setting up your team, having someone you can count on so you can take time for you or time off, means you have to take a step back and relinquish some of the control. Trying to do everything yourself, being a perfectionist, harping on just the “right” word or image… that is not going to move you to the next level.

The companies we see rise and really thrive, are the ones that have the systems in place and they’re able to relinquish some of that control.

So, in your business, the three areas you need to have really structured and exceptional systems are:

  1. Your customer experience: for example, when someone buys your product or opts-in for your lead magnet, what is the journey you take them on after point of contact?
  2. Finances: do you have your excel spreadsheets created or are you going to outsource? Regardless of which route you decide to take, your finances and legal are imperative to have really solid systems in place so you know everything that’s going in and out, and you’re being smart with your money.
  3. Your marketing system: you don’t need to be everywhere, just be consistently in front of your community on the platform they are on.

Ok, so moving onto our third and final tip…

3. Let’s talk about community!


Your tribe, your sphere, your community… whatever you want to call it, we can’t say it enough that you need to be where your community is!

You NEED community.


You should be networking.
Talk to people.
Introduce yourself to someone new.

It’s all about nurturing relationships whether it’s out in your community, in a one-to-one basis, or in your online world.

Build relationships.
Support one another!

And when it comes to building relationships, remember it’s about QUALITY over quantity.

You’re better off going to fewer networking events and making more, genuine relationships, vs. keeping track of how many networking events you attend.

Be friendly.
Ask questions.
Be genuine.
Be consistent!

Sales is JUST relationships and follow up. That’s it!


To watch the full Real Talk and hear our in-depth answers and explanations to our 3 tips for building a freedom-based business, be sure to watch the full interview here:

So let’s go back to our original question, what is freedom-based business and can it be a reality for you?

We would like to challenge you to really think about this…

What are you passionate about?
Why do you want a freedom-based business?
And what does it mean to YOU?

If quitting your 9-5 is what your gut is telling you to do, and you’re on FIRE to run after this new dream you’re so passionate about, and you’re doing it for YOU! Then do it. And know we’re here to support you along the way. 🙂


nicole and lindsey | the get it done gals