We met Niyc through a group coaching program and Niyc is such a force in the online world and always shows up with a beautiful smile and such positive energy, we knew we needed her on our show to share her insights on how to live a better, happier, well balanced life, and how to flourish in any given scenario.

Niyc is a Positive Psychologist, a Global Success Coach, and a Hay House Author. She got her start, ironically, and had her interest peaked when she was having a conversation with her then boyfriend (an athlete) talking about when you’re on the field at times it’s more common to look at the offenders on the field as opposed to the gaps in between. That was a pivotal moment in her career while in college in applying that mindset to life.

“It’s really easy to look for what’s going wrong in your life and business, and focus or worry about that; but what we really need to do is look for the opportunities and look for the gaps and the ways to move through instead.”


From that one statement, it completely changed Niyc’s life and passion.

She went on to study Psychology in Sports, and then on to study Positive Psychology because she really loved helping people go from where they are right now, and helping them to get where they want to be. And really understand what it takes to be a flourishing, thriving and optimally functioning human. So Positive Psychology is really looking at what makes you better in yourself, and also looking at business as well. And in that she looks at what goes well in teams, what goes well in communities, and what goes well when we work together as a unit to actually grow something that is bigger than ourselves.

Niyc took her own advice and in starting her own business and having too many moving parts, she realized it’s coaching that really lights her soul on fire and decided to simplify things and just focus on one thing. It was the entrepreneur roller coaster and having too many hands in too many pots, working long hours and “squirrel syndrome” that started making her feel just awful.

Niyc, like so many of us, got trapped in this framework that she had created herself and felt she was only going through the motions without actually achieving anything. As a business owner you think or “feel” you need to do everything but Niyc quickly realized it was actually simplifying her business model that would get her where she wanted to go and actually start accomplishing the results she wanted.

“The cycle of boom or bust is not good in a business and it’s not good for within yourself. It creates an emotional roller coaster and you just need to get off.”


Niyc not only got off the emotional roller coaster, she trusted her gut, moved continents with only a hope and dream, and completely rebranded herself to truly be inline with who she wanted to be as an entrepreneur. It’s her own incredible transformational story that truly inspires her clients and allows them to see she really has walked in their shoes and can coach from a much deeper level of understanding and empathy.

Niyc does an amazing job really putting herself out there and being vulnerable online. We have a lot of women who struggle with what to say, or how to say it, or just plain doubting themselves. She contributes her success to doing soul searching, believing in herself, hiring a coach, working on her mission and working on her purpose, and from there she found fantastic financial success.

“You have to have belief in yourself to do exactly what you want to do and make amazing money from it.”


This Get It Done Gal has a work ethic and a process unlike anyone or anything we’ve seen. And it’s because she’s HUNGRY and motivated, but most of all it’s her PASSION that fuels her drive.

She broke down her process for us in what she did initially to get started on a WEEKLY basis:

  • 1 blog on her own website
  • 1 blog on a guest site
  • Emailed 12 different podcasts
  • Recorded 2 podcasts
  • Boosted at least one post
  • Created a brand new opt-in/funnel
  • Posts on personal page
  • Instagram post every single day

When she stopped to add it all up, she realized she was doing 30 different things every single week ALL on brand content that can help people.

What we found interesting is that Niyc actually classifies herself as an introvert but you would never know from this girl’s unbelievable online presence. She contributes her social media success to the fact that she knows her purpose and believes in offering incredible content to her followers so she pushes herself out of her comfort zone on a daily basis.

And in being a self-diagnosed introvert, it’s really incredible and quite impressive the speaking engagements Niyc has been a part of…from New Zealand, to London to Hollywood, and many many other locations in between. She broke down her journey in overcoming her fear and now finding such joy and passion in speaking. This also helped her launch her coaching business with an email list well over 500 people just from speaking.

Niyc understands that speaking is not always about figuring out how much you want to charge and only speaking for that fee; a lot of times you will speak for free understanding you will be able to:

  • gain email subscribers,
  • offer your products at the end of your talk,
  • promote your services,
  • build your community, and
  • build a solid foundation for your business.

But first you must determine your purpose in what speaking is for you, and then you will be able to determine where the perfect fit is for you to speak.

“What you have to remember with speaking is you have to think about what the trade off between the value that you give and the result that you want to create is.”


For the full interview and to hear:

  • Niyc’s tips on how to create focus and balance in your day to contribute to a successful week,
  • Tips on building your brand for a successful business,
  • What exactly Positive Psychology is and how you can incorporate it into your business and your life, and
  • What is the ONE THING Niyc wish she would have known when she launched her online coaching business

…watch the full interview here:

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