How do I get my husband to support me in my business?

I promised him I would make money in 3 months time and now, oh man, I am feeling the pressure!

We get this question a lot.

Entrepreneurship is a journey. It can be a slow process as you learn all the in’s and out’s of running a business.

You may have had a dream of helping others with, let’s just say, their health so you take the plunge, quit your 9-5, and then quickly realize that you don’t know how to consistently find new clients.

We were very lucky in the fact that both our husbands supported us from day #1.

Not receiving the consistent paychecks, accounting for some cuts in the budget, understanding that our focus would primarily be on the business as we fight to get it started, and then that BIG moment…the moment in which we decided if we were truly in this and we were going to take the business from fledgling to a brand that was filled with consistent clients, we knew needed to bring in a coach.

You can only take things so far on your own…and we would be lying if we said it wasn’t a little scary.

Ok. A LOT scary!

To get to that next level of growth you have to have someone come in and educate you on getting from point A to point B. For us the gap was being too nurturing and not asking for the sale. We were hiding behind delivering tons of valuable content but we were not good at actually offering our services.

The coach we hired for $10,000 (talk about a BIG investment) helped us turn things around quickly. We just needed that one piece that was missing and then BAM! Things started progressing, falling into place and working more seamlessly. We ended up increasing our revenue over 1000%.

Here is the thing about our husbands, though. We are action takers, we have goals, systems, finances in order…we have a game plan. So our husbands know that when we are about to invest in our business that we are super serious about it and that we have done the research and have a strategy to get us there.

Sometimes as new entrepreneurs we are so overwhelmed by everything we have to learn to build a business and get clients that when we decide to work with a coach, our husbands say, “Umm what is this and why would you invest $1000’s when you are not making any money?”

You need to make the money first to cover that cost.

Here are a few ideas around that statement.

If you were making the money and knew how to get clients consistently you wouldn’t be looking for a coach (that’s a no-brainer).

Our husbands are here to protect us. Their automatic response is to play devil’s advocate. This is the great thing about having that outside perspective from your partner who you know, love and trust. You understand they’re just looking out for you.

The key to getting your husband on board is to come to the table with all your information, your game plan and involving them in the decision after you have made an empowered decision to move forward or not.

Come from a place of strategy and empowerment.

Starting a new business is a risk. That is certain. It is a roller coaster journey but having the right coach by your side (or the right program) so that you can sort through the overwhelm and build a brand and business that you can’t wait to show off to your husband, is worth it.

If he has doubts, it is time to prove him wrong. Blow him away. buy genuine provigil Show him what is possible!

The key is to be prepared and anticipate any and all his questions and doubts.

Open up the conversation around what he would feel comfortable with and your killer strategy for moving forward.

When you have your i’s dotted and your t’s all crossed, and you give an incredible presentation that leaves him speechless, amazed and proud, the only thing left for him to say will be that he trusts you to move forward how you see fit. Don’t give him a reason to say otherwise by being prepared, determined and certain.

For more information, empowerment and to hear how the conversation with our husbands really went down, check out this video “Real Talk With The Get It Done Gals” as we discuss how to approach your husband, what to say to them, and what our husbands said when we wanted to hire coaches.

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