Vision without action is a day dreamAction without vision is a nightmare.

The #1 reason why entrepreneurs are stuck is because they aren’t getting it done.
They don’t know where to start and they get trapped in the “shoulds” of online marketing. Sound familiar?

You are a woman with a vision.

You’ve built your business so you can do what you love but now you don’t love what you do.

You’re feeling the pains of growing a business.

Long nights, overworked days, the lack of consistent income. The freedom you set out to experience when you started your business has turned into constant chaos and a frustrating lack of focus.

Now, imagine for a second your dream business. Everything runs smoothly. You have consistent income. You’ve reclaimed your nights and weekends. You have time (and money) to travel. You feel at ease when you lay down at night. You feel like a true CEO.

That is GETTING IT DONE. That’s what’s possible for you. That is what we do.

nicole and lindsey | the get it done gals

Strap on your favorite heels and step into our world.

Together we’ve helped hundreds of women GET IT DONE so they have successful businesses they love.

Take the CEO pledge




I am the CEO of my life and business. Today is my day.

I step into leadership and make bold decisions.

I live in the now.

I promise to remember why I took this step, and to never forget who I am helping.

Today I get out of bed better than ever and show up as the leader of my life.

I admire the woman I am, every day; the woman who finds strength through challenges, fortitude in the face of fear, and walks through life with sass and grace.

There is no need to look around, only to look within, and with my heels on, makeup, and hair done, I live each day as the CEO of my world.


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