hello gorgeous

I bet…

You’ve spent months building your website but your email list isn’t growing and your phone isn’t ringing off the hook.

You are working 10+ hour days, staying up at night worrying about when your next client is coming in the door.

You are on every social media network, listening to multiple experts telling you which direction to go in and feeling completely overwhelmed with where to start.

You find yourself in a comparison hangover often wondering why you aren’t that success story you see in all of the Facebook ads flooding your newsfeed.

You have dumped a lot of money into courses, coaches and lots of energy into blogs, webinars and trainings but you still find yourself stuck and just a tad bit bitter that you aren’t getting the results you want.

You have a ton of ideas and somehow get distracted from actually completing them.

When clients aren’t coming in the door, the initial reaction is to pile more to-dos on your list.

You think that success will come when you work harder.

You may be saying “this is just a part of the journey.” But the truth is the long nights, restless sleep, stress and overwhelm is wearing you down and deep inside you are starting to question why you are doing this or if this will survive.

We believe in your success.

Sometimes you just need a pair of business girlfriends to sit down together, map it out with you, and hold your hand while you GET. IT. DONE.


Now Imagine

  • The days of long to-do lists are gone and you are only working on a few tasks that you know with full confidence will bring money in the door.
  • You feel relief, confident and in control.
  • You have no “should’s” on your to-do list and the tasks that you are working on are actually working!
  • You are bringing in consistent paying clients.
  • You have a wait list (how exciting is that?!)
  • You know exactly what to focus on, you are crystal clear on who you are, who your ideal client is and how to bring them in the door.
  • You are simply doing what you love, getting paid to do it, and can sleep easy at night knowing that your business is supporting you financially.
  • You don’t have to think twice about getting a massage, paying your bills, or booking a weekend trip because you know money is always coming through the door.

This is your new reality. 

This is possible for you.

The reality is, you stepped into this CEO role with a fiery passion but you need a strategy and someone to tell you exactly what steps to take first, second and third so that you can achieve your goals.

There is no doubt in our minds that the universe has brought you here today for a reason.  

nicole and lindsey | the get it done gals


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